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that was garbage

Wow, apparently Sound FX joined Joe Buck and Troy "Country" Aikman as the Packers biggest fans.
I personally like it; we play better when disrespected.

I love when they disrespect us before the game but on a Sound FX episode, that is just showing highlights, it's f**king ridiculous

True, if a person weren't to watch that game, those highlights would indicate that the 49ers were being dominated lol

Either case, Superbowl or nothing, everything else is just details
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These guys don't like us because we screwed many, if not all of them, out of a ring at one point or the other. I understand that, but Buck is just a wannabe and acts like he's been there before.

I get that with Collinsworth. He had two shots at a Super Bowl and both times the 49ers ripped this guts out in close games so he openly hates the 49ers. I think it is childish and unprofessional of him to carry that over into his broadcasts and it makes him look like a clown.

For the life of me I can't figure out why Aikman, Moose, and Irvin carry that type of hatred for the 49ers to their game broadcasts and analysis shows. What the hell? lol, they got the better end of the deal. 3 Championships to 1. I can't understand why they would have such hate for a team just because they legitimately got better than them and blocked them from winning 4 in a row. I just don't get how they can have so much hate when they clearly got the better end of the rivalry with 3 SB wins. How do you hate a team for beating them? lol.. talk about being sore-winners.
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