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Upper/Middle Class Problems

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How is 12-4 considered a down year when just last season the 49ers went 11-4-1?


12-4 really can't be called a "down year," can it?

It's the perception of things around here. Had we been 12-4, #1 or #2 seed, that perception would be different.
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Please stop it ... the 49ers were lucky to be in that game. I put the stats in another thread and I don't have them handy, but NO won the stat battle handily. And they fumbled a near pick 6 out of the back of the end zone. And if there was a play that cost them near the end, if was Gore dropping the pass.

but big time players on SB bound teams can find a way to make huge plays that can negate a bad game. i've seen that happen many times, and i saw it happen in that game. the 9ers were having a down game, just hanging in there. then a huge play was made by a big time player, the rest is infamous history. i dont see how the fact that the 9ers having a "bad game" (even though they were winning at the time) makes that call any less egregious. it took a highlight-reel, memorable moment, and totally nullified it. i dont know how you can look back on the rest of the game and go: "oh well, they werent playing that good, so this unforgettable play that would have totally changed the game and the season, and that would have lived forever in history as an awesome play, is now a victim of bad rules and arbitrary enforcement, and i'm totally ok with that".

although i will say this: if the 9ers manage to pull this thing off, maybe that play will live forever. they havent lost since....
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We do and this may be why we struggle against power running teams...scheme/personnel.
We played a one gap scheme in 2011 when we had the number one run defense. We're fourth against the run and we didn't surrender a 100 yard rusher this season. Pretty good as well.

We have ALWAYS struggled against big backs though...just an area where we could go a 4 man DL or get some real beef in there to plug depending on who we play and if teams are having success. I'm fine playing one-gap but not when we're getting gutted up the middle. Then it's time to change personnel and/or scheme b/c it wears us down by the 4Q. It doesn't happen often but we all know it...
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We do and this may be why we struggle against power running teams...scheme/personnel.

No, we should limit our defense to one scheme and not draft players who can collapse the pocket from the NT position...that would give the niners an unfair advantage! LOL!

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Great topic.

It's really been an emotional season, with so many ups and downs and still trying to recover from the Super Bowl loss. We definitely aren't struggling as much as people think we are. We are literally 12-4 and could easily be 14-2. Last season we were 11-4-1. Seems like an improvement to me.
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