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49ers Pro Bowl selections 2013-2014

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Selections will be announced tonight at 6 pm.

Looks like C.J. Spillman finished in 1st place among the fan voting, and Joe Staley finished 2nd at T.

Any predictions for who makes it?

edit: Eight 49ers make Pro Bowl:

RB- Frank Gore
(5th Pro Bowl)
TE- Vernon Davis
(2nd Pro Bowl)
T- Joe Staley
(3rd Pro Bowl)
G- Mike Iupati
(2nd Pro Bowl)
DT- Justin Smith
(5th Pro Bowl)
ILB- NaVorro Bowman
(2nd Pro Bowl)
ILB- Patrick Willis
(7th Pro Bowl)
OLB- Ahmad Brooks
(1st Pro Bowl)

Congrats to Patrick Willis on making his 7th Pro Bowl in 7 seasons in the NFL, Justin Smith for making his 5th consecutive Pro Bowl (all as a Niner), and Ahmad Brooks for his 1st career selection.

Now hopefully the only reference of these guys making this team will be on paper!

Has this ever been done before? He's got to be close to a record.
During the Falcon's game, they showed some stats on Tony Gonzalez. I think I recall seeing that Tony G. was a Pro Bowler for 10 consecutive years (and then a few more times but not consecutively).

Edit: I should have read through to the end of the thread before posting this - others have noted players that had even longer consecutive Pro Bowl streaks.

of all the guys mentioned in this thread, gonzalez, rice, seau etc, none of them started their streaks as a rookie. willis has one up on them in that regard.

If he stays healthy I expect Willis to make every single pro bowl of his career

Once you get the rep, its just about staying healthy and not having a noticeably bad year.
This team needs more talent.
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This team needs more talent.

Culliver, Brock, Reid, and Carradine will be joining the rest next year.
+ Lattimore
just saw deion and jerry arguing about who they were taking and they make it sound like theyll be suiting up. i for one would love to see even one snap of jerry vs deion in the probowl. it would be instantly more interesting than the probowl has been in years.
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