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49ers Pro Bowl selections 2013-2014

Selections will be announced tonight at 6 pm.

Looks like C.J. Spillman finished in 1st place among the fan voting, and Joe Staley finished 2nd at T.

Any predictions for who makes it?

edit: Eight 49ers make Pro Bowl:

RB- Frank Gore
(5th Pro Bowl)
TE- Vernon Davis
(2nd Pro Bowl)
T- Joe Staley
(3rd Pro Bowl)
G- Mike Iupati
(2nd Pro Bowl)
DT- Justin Smith
(5th Pro Bowl)
ILB- NaVorro Bowman
(2nd Pro Bowl)
ILB- Patrick Willis
(7th Pro Bowl)
OLB- Ahmad Brooks
(1st Pro Bowl)

Congrats to Patrick Willis on making his 7th Pro Bowl in 7 seasons in the NFL, Justin Smith for making his 5th consecutive Pro Bowl (all as a Niner), and Ahmad Brooks for his 1st career selection.

Now hopefully the only reference of these guys making this team will be on paper!
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Don't curr, we playing in the Super Bowl mang.
Originally posted by DaDivaRecieva15:
Don't curr, we playing in the Super Bowl mang.

Its about recognizing the players who deserve the honor. Nobody cares about the actual game.

Out on the west coast, we dont always get the respect we should, so Pro Bowl selections allow our star players to get some national recognition.
I think we will have either 4 or 5 guys this year selected to the pro bowl.
San Francisco 49ers inside linebacker NaVorro Bowman, inside linebacker Ahmad Brooks, tight end Vernon Davis, running back Frank Gore, guard Mike Iupati, defensive tackle Justin Smith, tackle Joe Staley and inside linebacker Patrick Willis have been selected to participate in the 2014 Pro Bowl. The eight players selected are tied for the most in the league.

The following six players were selected as alternates for the Pro Bowl: wide receiver Anquan Boldin, guard Alex Boone, punter Andy Lee, free safety Eric Reid, special teamer C.J. Spillman and strong safety Donte Whitner.


49ers who made Pro Bowl:
RB Gore
TE Davis
LT Staley
G Iupati
DT Smith
LB Bowman
LB Willis
OLB Brooks
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Good s**t!
I think Iupati got gifted one.

Also think Reid got the shaft.
Man if Aldon didn't drink so much we would most likely have our entire LB corp in the pro bowl. That is crazy.
No safeties wtfffff
wilson over kaep? bs

Originally posted by IdahoNiner:
I think Iupati got gifted one.

Also think Reid got the shaft.

LOL Iupati definitely got a gift. It was due mostly to nagging injuries, but hes having a pretty bad year. Plus he missed almost a month up until last week.

Its a shame that Boone didnt get a selection.

Plenty of alternates, as usual. Snubs were Boone, Reid, and Lee imo. I thought Spillman had a spot too, considering he won the fan vote, but I guess the players and coaches disagreed.
With the new format does that mean Niners will be facing each other?
Boone should have gotten a Pro Bowl nod over Iupati.
Very well could be and most likely will. But they won't be there because they will be prepping for the SB.
Originally posted by NeonNiner:
Boone should have gotten a Pro Bowl nod over Iupati.

If Boone was a Guard he would have. Problem is Tackle is such a competitive position. Boone still deserved the nod either way though.

Iupati had a pretty bad year, so his selection must be a combination of respect among his peers, and lack of true dominance at the position. He got snubbed in 2011, so ill take this as a make up.
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