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Possible back-to-back short weeks for us?

Lets say we win (or lose) to the cardinals and the seahawks beat the rams. we are already playing the cards on a short week and if the nfl puts our wildcard game on saturday instead of sunday (which they may!) then that means we will have played back to back weeks on short rest and on the road. this will be incredibly difficult to overcome at this point in the season
If any team can do it its the niners
That may seem horrible but it's not outright atrocious. I don't really consider a one-day difference as that big of a deal. With that said, I'm hoping for a Sunday game. More rest and I will probably be busy on Saturday.
if it happens, it happens. cant really control it.
Honestly under harbaugh for whatever reason we seem to come out flat after a long break
Well if we play on Saturday the team we play will also be coming off a short week
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Niners need to approach this Sunday's game like a playoff breaks, no rests, nothing...we're in, and we're playing to win, and there's nothing else.

The consecutive short weeks shouldn't matter. The team's in the stretch run now, they're playing well...they should focus on playing even better. Looking for shortcuts, breaks, or easy buttons shouldn't happen.

Unlike last year we appear to be a team on the mend healthwise...hopefully that stays the case through Sunday, but we can't operate from fear of injury and play a preventative type of game because of that.

I don't care what the real stakes are....if the game is meaningless even, but the Niners need to go into the postseason on a winning note.
We are getting the bye week doe.
Originally posted by Young2Rice:
We are getting the bye week doe.

8% chance... 4% for 2nd Seed (with CAR win) or 4% for 1st (with CAR loss)

8% = (40% winning percentage 49ers) * (20% winning percentage STL)

50% on CAR @ ATL... I think that game is a pick'em.

The highest probability is us @ 5 seed (56%). then 6 seed (36%), followed by even probabilities for 1st and 2nd (4%.)
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