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Let's hear it for our big guys...they done good.

Tuku got a pancake on the very first offensive play and Kassim caught a pass(Like it was an egg) for a nice reception. Neither got mentioned elsewhere, but good job guys. As for kassim, whether he was R TE or RT, he didn't have a defensive player within 10 yds of him. I loved both plays. For sheer "owning" Tuku gets the prize. It looked like the reverse of Clowney.

Unfortunately, since both plays worked well, we probably won't see them again.
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Tuku #48 had a couple HUGE smash blocks for Gore which impressed me but we sorely missed Bruce Miller in the passing game.
Kassim got mentioned in the broadcast and yes we do miss Bruuuuuuce
I wanted Tukuafu on the team instead of Dobbs from the beginning of the season. I'll admit though Dobbs has definitely shown that he deserves to be on the team.
I was glad they brought Osgood back too.
The way miller , a LB was moved to FB, and Vernon has played slot, and split wide as WR, plus HB, it isn't a big surprise that Tuku is used at FB,and Kassim catches a pass as TE (or maybe it was a RT eligible) .Whatever, where our coaches can be conservative in some things, moving guys around, esp. big guys, is good to see. Vance has played HB, FB, plus WR, in addition to being a TE. So give coaches credit for calling plays for guys not generally seen in those slots.
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