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Which 49ers have impressed you the most?

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Glen Dorsey
Ahmad Brooks because he's been our best linebacker this year.
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I've been impressed with the our entire defense as a unit. Individually I've been specifically impressed by our safety play ( Reid in particular ).

I get the whole argument about Carlos Rodgers getting old and slow, but IMO he's still playing light's out.

T. Brock, he's been playing really well. The game vs the Falcons seemed like Ryan found him as the weakest link, but came back strong at the end.

TJE has been great addition to the rotation ( don't get rid of him for a 7th round pick Baalke )

Kevin McDermott, taking Brian Jenning's job and fulfilling it wonderfully.
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Brock has been extremely impressive throughout the season, but I don't understand why everyone seems to be so giddy about TJE. He's logged 5 tackles over the last 3 weeks & has zero sacks on the season. I see him pushed 3-4 yards off the line of scrimmage frequently, especially when playing nose tackle. I miss Soap.
Bo keeps going to higher levels. Patrick is rounding into form right at playoff time. What's the story with Cowboy, he's always played at a Superhuman level, but lately he's flying after the ball. Brooks is a wrecking machine. I believe Aldon will take it to the Fred Dean, Charles Haley level come playoff time. I've got this thing for Brock, an underdog who wouldn't quit until he made it. TBrown, solid, watch for him to make plays come playoff time. Kaep, getting better every day.. Frank Gore, all heart, take us all the way Frank. Can't leave out the OL and Specials.
Reid, Brock, Dawson, Whitner, Boldin, Crabtree in coming back from his injury quickly and what appears to be pretty effectively.
dawson. That guy is automatic.
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As far as players who have far exceeded expectations, id say Brock, Reid, and TJE.

I honestly never saw Brock as anything more than a backup nickel corner, and hes really coming on as one of the better young CB in the league. He has an uncanny ability to read a throw before its made, and get a great jump on a route. Thats the mark of a special defensive back. He would be the first candidate to make a huge pick 6 in a big time game.

Obviously Bowman got this last one, but Brock essentially made the whole thing possible.
If I had to pick one guy it would be Tremain Brock.Only because he is playing way better than I would have expected. After that I would have to go with Boldin. His has been the most important/consistent presence this year on offense. If we had not brought him in we would have been in real trouble this season.
Dawesome!! The man is money!!
Most of the D really!

And Special Teams.

I guess Crabtree for returning from a serious injury and making the jump IMO to a true No 1 receiver and Reid for starting at a high level from day 1. And Dorsey.
Crabtree - has been better than I ever expected this season
LMJ as a punt returner
Boldin (please resign)
Ahmad Brooks (nobody questions that nice contract he got anymore)
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