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If Roman leaves..

How about current Stanford OC Mike Bloomgren? Their offense looks great and he was the offensive line coach and running game coordinator there so the offense won't be all that different, maybe just the playcalling.

"I'm very excited about elevating Mike Bloomgren," Stanford head coach David Shaw said in a release. "He was the only choice. We didn't interview anybody else, and we didn't want to interview anyone else. Mike has done an outstanding job with our offensive line and run game, though he's more than an offensive line coach. He understands our offense and how diverse we need to be to attack defenses. We hope to continue the success we've had on offense, while also improving in many areas, and Mike is the right guy to lead us to our goals."
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Originally posted by BrianGO:
Exactly. I like the playbook, but we need someone who can feel the flow of a football game.

that's all there is.

if he could feel the flow of the game and keep his offense in rhythm and adjust on the fly.. he would be the best oc in the nfl. and that isn't or shouldn't be that hard to do

the hard part of coming up with an offense this big.. and he's done that.

maybe it should be like a good writer and composer who can't sing.
let him write the playbook
and then hire someone who can sing the s**t out of it
I don't see Roman leaving i don't think he would make a great head coach that's my opinion if he does leave it will be for college ball not NFL i have a feeling he stays loyal to Harbaugh and stays but i hope im wrong.
With the possibility of having 6-8 coaching changes that are likely to occur in the next few weeks, I don't see that there are enough NFL coaches to fill the void without having to go to the college ranks.

But most NFL teams that will need a new HC would rather fill their vacancy with coaches that has had NFL experience, so there's a good possibility that Roman leaves.
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Ken Wisenhut former head coach of the Arizona Cardinals , former offensive Cord for the San Diego Chargers , former Offensive Cord for the Pittsburg Steelers.

If he's not still the OC for the Chargers next season it will be because he got another HC job.

This, whisenhunt will get another chance as a hc

Originally posted by FredFlintstone:
This, whisenhunt will get another chance as a hc

And shortly after he'll get s**t-canned as head coach and go back to being an offensive coordinator. The guy is TERRIBLE, T-E-R-R-I-B-L-E, as a head coach, having Kurt Warner for a couple of years masked a lot of his deficiencies, but he's not a leader in anyway, shape or form. There was so much division in the Arizona locker room and last season, guys were flat out just quitting on him. His awareness of the QB position as a whole is woefully lacking, even back when Warner was playing at a high level, Whisenhunt kept trying to replace him with Leinart. For awhile he started switching them out, like, every other series, it was nuts. The guy has no clue, he's Singletary in white, dude kept wanting to look at the tape and always looked lost in the pudding during press conferences. He won 10 games only once during his entire tenure with Arizona, he also had multiple seasons where his team started off well, and then had an epic collapse over the second half of the season.

Man, I hope Pete Carroll decides his heart isn't in it anymore, retires, and Whisenhunt takes over. Guaranteed implosion and mediocrity from Seattle for the foreseeable future.
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A WCO guy who can tutor CK in the nuances of the game. Morph this team back to its winning roots/routes! You can still keep all the plays that are being used now, but with a different emphasis in play calling and adding in some more short and medium passes, use Hunter, Gore and James more on routes/outlets, teach CK how to throw touch passes consistently...and stuffs!`
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Dennis Erickson
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Dennis Erickson

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Alex Smith

Is Roman leaving the best outcome?

I wouldn't mind seeing a new OC come in and:

professionalize the play calling, make it more situationally appropriate, more focused on down/distance;
fill in all our missing route trees -- the 5 yard slants curls etc;
be better at using players even if they are not "the best" at a particular task -- use them anyway if they have talent -- it makes us less predictable;
be an advocate for qb change/ development if that's what's needed -- not sure anyone on this staff will go there;

Having said all that, I think it wouldn't be a horrible idea to keep Roman on staff if he will stay in some capacity.

He's inventive and has lots of pro experience and can grow into the playcalling aspect.
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Isn't Geep Chryst the de facto successor? Calls half the plays anyway.

Yes he is.

yea I remember reading somewhere that Roman calls mainly running plays
Originally posted by 228niner:
yea I remember reading somewhere that Roman calls mainly running plays

Quite possibly the goofiest misconception ever. Roman makes all the playcalls, Harbour relays them.
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He is not going anywhere. We're stuck with him for a while. Lets hope he watches some of those Bill Walsh's tapes and learn the real WCO.
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if he leaves, our long natural disaster is finally over. hell, we should go old school and have the qb call the plays, it worked well monday. some of you think i am joking. it has gotten to the point where the players themselves are changing plays. what does that tell even the most hard core supporters of roman?
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