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Was the Candlestick "Farewell" premature

Was the Candlestick "Farewell" premature

It was the last regular season was that premature?
theres always a chance of us being the 5th seed and somehow hosting the 6th seed in the NFCCG but the Seachickens will be on their game vs the Lambs on Sunday and whos to say that the 49ers will even beat the Cardinals? I hope somehow the Cjickens lose to the Lambs and the 49ers can handle A, its actually very possible now but still not expected.
I think the wild card teams can make it all the way to the championship round. If we are the fifth seed we got a shot.
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The Rams are hot right now and have shut down good offenses this season. There offense is not so great though is what worries me. But i do think they will play really hard they want nothing more than to finish 8-8 instead of 7-9 and winning is Seattle would end there season on a positive note. Anything can happen but what ever happens there is out of our hands the Niners still have to take care of business against a hot Cardinals team.

We're hot too. Carson Palmer is playing like hot garbage. Our QB can actually pass from the pocket.

If Palmer gifts 4 INTs our way like he did for Seattle, we will blow the Cardinals out.
I surely hope so!
Remember, the Rams did the best of any team at Century Link last season in our division, and about as good as any team in general.

They were supposed to be killed in STL this year without Bradford.....what happened?

AZ beating the Hawks was a huge help for all future visitors of that stadium. Many were speculating the Rams would have been the one to win up there not AZ.....I don't think anyone legitimately gave AZ a shot here or talking heads.

Seattle can definitely win, but no way are they taking the Rams apart. I can't see that happening. Winner by less than a touchdown, for sure.
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That's that.
I just voted "no".
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I just voted "no".

i just voted "f**k", and "s**t"

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