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How did you react when you saw that Bowman had made the interception?

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I was in my car listening to KNBR...nearly jerked the wheel into the median I was so excited!!!!
Pooped my pants :-)
Jumped out of my chair and yelled IT'S A MIRACLE!! Many lulz ensued and people made fun of me. It was worth it lol.
I was standing up watching and when the pick happened I just fell back into my chair. Thinking what a way to close out Candlestick wow. That stadium is magic its such a shame to see it go.
I jumped and screamed like i was getting raped.
Two hands in the air, harbaugh style
Was watching it with my best friend who is an Atlanta Falcons fan and we put a $300 wager on game before season started..

Danced and screamed in his face!!!
Originally posted by pdizo916:
I jumped and screamed like i was getting raped.

I was never able to jump while being raped. I need to work on that.
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What's funny is in the back of my mind when we were down 10-3 and we were playing like s**t I was thinking 'man, we might get another epic finish' but we went up by a bunch and I was like 'OK cool I'll take it'. Then they got the onside and I had a heart attack. That pick 6 was one of the best plays I've ever seen. So epic. I hope we win the SB so that play can live in Championship Niner lore forever.
The same way I reacted with Gore's big run vs Seattle and VD's GWTD catch vs NO... Screaming OMG and hell yeah, losing my voice in the process!!

That play won me my fantasy football was over except I needed a miracle from bowman in my IDP league and BOOM. I went apes**t
This was either the start of our destiny season...or just a tease. I think it is the former.
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Before the pick I was thinking in my head, this is not about to happen, we have to win. All of a sudden Bowman happened, I don't think iv been that loud since the catch 3. I scared the dogs and scared my brother lol I wish I went to the game, I knew if I didn't go i would regret it and guess what.... I am. Playoff here we come. Go Niners!

I was an idiot and decided to make the drive home from BWW to my house with ~3:30 left in the game so I could watch all of the postgame and stream the radio app on some speakers.

Half way home I was like this:

and when I heard Ted Robinson call the Bowman pick, I felt like this

It was an epic and spectacular ending. Prior to the game, I was hoping it'd be an ending that was a fitting way to "turn down the lights" on Candlestick. And even though a blowout would have been fine, this was very fitting. Crazy. And I think it's something that the team can really use to carry some momentum to the post season, much better than Pete Carroll "losing twice in December is a wake up call, we needed it".
Not the right thread, but I might still pick this play over the Gary Plummer goal line hit of Derrick Holmes and the subsequent Lee Woodall TD over this game changing play. Thoughts?
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