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How did you react when you saw that Bowman had made the interception?

Followed by a manly Bro hug after.
Just rewatched the Jean Claude movie, "Kickboxer."

Felt great BUT I don't feel we're playing Championship caliber ball.

Our "O" sucked in the first half and if we play a high scoring team catching up will be more than tough.
jumped and yelled
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Originally posted by DonnieDarko:
Originally posted by Mr.Mcgibblets:
I was laying in bed watching the end, and chuckled as Bowman started back the other way... then let out a subdued sort of a primal "yeaaaaaaaahhhhh b*tches!" as he was running the last 20 yards.

but he doesnt play for the chiefs

don't be like that... no matter how badly you wish to vilify me, I am a 49ers fan.
I want to see more reaction videos from the Stick.
i was jumping all over the living room screaming YES high fiving my dad. good times

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@ 9 seconds
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I laughed maniacally. Kind of disturbing. LOL
Mostly felt relief, a big wave of relief.
Too be honest, after the Falcons recovered the onsite kick, I sat down and started pouting. My buddy sitting next to me is a Falcons fan, and he was smirking at me, confident that the Falcons were gunna pull the upset. I didn't want to see the Niners lose, especially in person. Then all of the sudden the stadium went ballistic. I shot up in the air to see Bowman running along the sideline and diving in for the TD. How is it possible to feel so low and then immediately so high within seconds?

For those of you who weren't there, I can't describe the collective euphoria from the crowd, knowing the significance of it being the last game at the stick, and for the Niners to pull off a last minute miracle win (even though they should have beat the Falcons with ease. Any given Sunday I suppose). I'm grateful to have been there to witness it.

Amazing experience.
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