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How did you react when you saw that Bowman had made the interception?

I pulled down my pants and started running showing my bare ass yelling heiney heiney as bowman was running! Everyone thought it was great although I was a little embarrassed.
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srs tho, who is this fkn hater in the grey hoodie? dude was the only non falcon/fan in the entire stadium not jumping up and down.

He's making the play happen. It's his juju/mojo/magic whatever. He needs to concentrate and stay focused.

I have no clue who it is, but i cant way for this to get photoshopped.

Not impressed

hahahahahahahahahaha. you made a funny
Like everyone in the stadium.. Went absolutely nuts. Just started jumping up and down yelling Yes Yes Yes and high fiving everyone.
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did anyone post this vid yet?? FKN AWESOME!!! Especially everyone's reaction in the crowd and sidelines. Only wish it was in a bit slower motion.

I almost cried watching this

This. The music fits perfectly to what only can be described as a miracle play to close out Candlestick. If we win the SB, this play may be 1a and 1b with The Catch.

is there any magicians who could make like a pop-up video of everyone in the backgrounds name as he runs by?

and a follow up: anyone know who the cute blonde wearing a gold jacket is at 1:10?
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s**t just reminded me when we were in HS together and he always beasted out in practice and in games @ Suitland
always happy for all the local guys on the team from my area...

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Screamed my lungs out yelling, "yeah yeah yeah!!!"


I took a nap.
I won $600 on that play in my fantasy title obviously I was going nuts!!!!!! It was a win for the ages in fantasy and reality!

Jumped off the couch and screamed F yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Then mixed my 6th 7th or was it 8th JD and coke !
Just cracked open a new beer after the Falcons got that onside kick. With beer at hand and drunk as hell I spiked the beer on the ground when I saw N.Bowman make a break for the 6
I was at a sports bar with 4 other Niners buddies in Washington surrounded by some off the wall Seahawks fans. They went bonkers after the onside kick, rubbing it in our face and that sort of thing. To be honest I kinda/sorta felt the game was over, best case scenario was we could maybe hold the Falcons to 3. When I saw the pick, I stood up and started yelling, "GO,GO,GO Bowman, GO GO GOOOO". We all started hopping around and hugging like idiots, followed by, "No flags, right? Anyone see any flags??" Lol, it was so awesome, Seahawks fans had nothing to say :)
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I can tell you this: Pants were shat on this day.
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