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How did you react when you saw that Bowman had made the interception?

  • NickV
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Was jumping up and down and screaming: YES YES YES YES F*** YES!!! Section 58 was basically falling over each other. awesome.
I climaxed
Screamed my lungs out yelling, "yeah yeah yeah!!!"
  • mayo49
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I didn't do anything, I was in total shock.
  • Antix
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I jumped and screamed and f**ked up my throat for the night yelling "pick 6". I was having a damn heart attack after the onside kick. One of the best plays I've ever seen. Bowman is man!
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Originally posted by pelos21:
Screamed my lungs out yelling, "yeah yeah yeah!!!"

Originally posted by mayo49:
I didn't do anything, I was in total shock.
You and the Falcons fans. On their forum it was like "f**k yeah", "let's do this", "were gonna win", and then "oh WTF?", "Mother of God!" "f**k f**k f**k f**k"

I started jumping up and down yelling "GO GO GO YYEEEAHHHH" ending with two enthusiastic birds right at the Atlanta player followingf Bow in.

My daughter laughed her ass off.
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Jumped from my seat. Startled my wife to where she told me to stop. Had to put her in her place n tell her not to tell me how to celebrate football. Pissed her off. LOL oh well that's life.
Stunned. But my mind was still on that damn onside kick.
Jumped from my seat at home and lost my voice on that play alone
Who da f**k was that ?... Brock!
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