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Which 49ers player(s) have disappointed you / let you down the most?

Andy Lee, dude's a bum now.
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Carlos Rodgers. Dude got burned all night and Dropped a gimmy interception. Hes bee less than mediocre all year and hes awful at tackling.
Can't say I'm disappointed with anyone to be honest. Surprising given how much we complain on this forum, myself included.

Biggest disappointed / let down for me is an ex-49er -- A.J. Jenkins. Anytime you're forced to give up on a 1st round player in year 2, it's a kick in the balls.
might be vance. i know he's getting fairly good at blocking, especially out in the open but that huge catch wehre he just stumbled over himself was very shades of aj jenkins
Idk that its even their fault but hunter and James. Maybe hunter needs more time still until he's 100% (NICE run tonight though!) But the running game last season was starting to look potent 3 deep. This year its been lacking behind frank
I was really high on Vance... but I think I was a little more disappointed with Aldon.
for the season: Vance, LMJ, and Iupati.

I thought Vance would be a nice receiving TE since he was a nice wideout in college. Instead, the guy sucks. (and i really wanted the honey badger instead of this loser)

I thought LMJ would take some of his explosiveness to the NFL and his electrifying return skills to benefit the niners. And while he has reliable hands, this dude sucks. I thought he would be a sproles type, but nope, he's almost useless.

I thought Iupati would take a step up in pass protection. But nope, he's still the same mediocre pass protector who is seeking big $$

I would've added Justin Smith and Ray MC on this list, but those two have definitely stepped it up big time as of late

For tonight: Davis and Reid.
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Such a positive, heart-warming thread.
Asomugha. Had high expectations for him this season.

Originally posted by grizzlyadams:
Such a positive, heart-warming thread.

Most of the guys that have disappointed are no longer on the team- Nnamdi Asumougha, Kyle Williams and AJ Jenkins.

Kendall Hunter may be the biggest, but he is coming back from injury. Take away that huge run in last night's game and he's having a down season compared to his first two. I also thought he would have a bigger role in the offense. I think he's earned the right to receive 8-10 carries a game. Right now, he's averaging 5. I do believe he can give us

LaMichael James is another. As a returner, he's better than Kyle Williams, which isn't saying much. But once again, his opportunities have been limited. He's another guy that I think could do serious damage in the running game as well as passing game if given the opportunity. If the 49ers (and they should) draft a fast WR that can return kicks and punts, he's back in the position he was before, being a healthy inactive. His situation is different from Kendall Hunter's however. Hunter will always be who Greg Roman defers to when it comes to giving Frank Gore a rest (until next season at least). In order for James to make an impact on this team, he's going to have to take the initiative himself to improve as a pass catcher by working with the receivers in much the same way Vernon Davis did to improve as a catcher and route runner. Simply put, LMJ has no future on this team as a running back that will actually get meaningful carries (5 a game or more) unless there are injuries. He can be replaced as a returner. Hopefully he sees the writing on the wall and uses this offseason to add other skills to his repertoire.
Vance Mcdonald disappointed me. I expected him to be halfway descent but he is just bad right now. I was also disappointed that Tank could not make it on the field this year. I really wanted to see what he could do. Aldon also has disappointed me but it more has to do with the last DUI and going to Rehab than his on the field performance.
Originally posted by grizzlyadams:
Such a positive, heart-warming thread.

Yep, the day after we win in incredible fashion and clinch a playoff spot no less.

This forum is full of a bunch of spoiled, chicken-little whiners.
Greg Roman.
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