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"The Snatch"

I dont mean to be negative, but unless we use this playoff berth to win a title, its just going to be remembered as "that Bowman pick 6 that won us our final game at Candlestick".

If I had to pick one, id say the Immaculate Redemption. Although Bowman missing a knuckleball onside kick wasnt an unforgivable mistake. It just took a Falcons friendly bounce.
"The Snatch"
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Originally posted by jonesadrian:
Originally posted by TheRatMan13:

It's not like this got us to the super bowl or championship game lol.

but it might be the play that has us turn the corner and dominate like we're capable of

It's the play that got us into the play-offs rather than going to Arizona in a winner takes all death match.
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Using that logic, T.O's game winner in 98 and VD's catch in 2011 meant nothing either...
Originally posted by Dr_Bill_Walsh:

One In The Pick Two End The Stick


I see what you did there.
Originally posted by ninerjok:
"The Immaculate Redemption" (I stole that from Bill Williamson). "The Immaculate Interception" works too. How about "The pick that closed the Stick". Whatever it's dubbed will surely be a hell of a lot better than the f**king "Fail Mary" up in Seattle last year.

Hopefully we aren't closing the stick and what if we don't close it after having used this name? I'm hoping for a Seadderall and p***y panther loss.
You know, Non Niner fans give us crap for having to name every huge play that happens in our stadium. Surely this won't help!

Maybe we should name the pass break up by Lott in the '89 NFCC that kept the Rams from going up 10-0 and possibly winning that game.
The curtain call " Final Bow "
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Originally posted by SaksV:
Using that logic, T.O's game winner in 98 and VD's catch in 2011 meant nothing either...

That's exactly the point. All great plays. They only meant so much as winning A playoff game. No SB victories came from them. No dynasty's were born from them. Naming every damn play, that excited this fan base, diludes the absolute amazing ness of Montana to Clark.

The pick
Originally posted by Dr_Bill_Walsh:
Originally posted by vamphunter23:
The Stick 6!

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The interception
I still giggle everytime I see this thread on the forum list.
Too bad it wasn't raining. Could been the wet snatch.
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