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Do we play hard or rest

Originally posted by SanFranFanfrmVa:
next week in Arizona? I know we still have a shot at the division but a slim chance in my opinion. I'd hate to get a player or two hurt in what most likely amounts to the #5 or #6 seed. I know it's a tough call but just wondered what you guys thought.

Are you serious? There is still a chance to get the #1 seed or at least win the division. Even if they don't, they can wrap up the #5 seed. Make it as easy on the niners to survive to the Championship game and also increase the seahawks chances of getting busted up or even eliminated. As Harbaugh says by any means necessary. Who better to play the swahawks and win than a divisional opponent in the playoffs. Except for the panthers, the others are not upt to it, and the panthers lost smith didn't they?

You eitherhaven't paid attention to the last few weeks and the standings or you don't know football playoff scenarios.
Nobody rest!!!

Just ask the Giants team that dethroned the Pats undefeated season.
We have a chance for the #1 or #2 seed and a playoff bye and to win the division. Do you realize that?....
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Originally posted by sfninerfanMax:
you play hard--try and get the win. It is a good exam before the playoffs. The Rams are playing well to end the season also and they play Seattle tough. You just never know.

Exactly, and the Rams are not going to tank the game because the Skins are generously giving them their 1st rounder.
Why is this even a question? First of all we can still possibly get a 1st-round bye only if we're 12-4 and secondly, both NFC West games kick off the exact same time to insure full, competitive football. This will be exciting and heart attack-inducing to fans, but teams will not be scoreboard watching.
Originally posted by jrg:
Lock this dumb s**t up
Yes please do!

This team was built on playing hard every week, against every team! It would be out of character and thus very damaging to the team psyche to suddenly play soft.

BTW to OP: it is exactly this team's character that will take it to the Super Bowl, and St. Louis has a good chance to beat Seattle next week - Jeff Fisher knows the team well and he has a very good defensive mind.
play hard
Go Hawd, or Go Home!!
It's too bad Niners and Seahawks play at the same time... if they played before us we could adjust our game as necessary.

As a practical matter, I don't know that JH is capable of resting
We'll get a bye before the superbowl.
Originally posted by Phoenix49ers:
Originally posted by Phoenix49ers:
You don't play just to play.
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