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Who do you want at OC for the Niners?

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LOL...this thread ultimately proves a great point...for all the grousing about Roman and posts that "he needs to go", the only legitimate suggestions in this thread are Rathman (never been a coordinator), Chryst (never been a coordinator) and Norv Turner (not available, under contract with the Browns). So, two shots in the dark that are part of the same offensive staff and Turner who besides not being available, runs a different offense.

It is a lot easier to complain about the status quo than it is to find a solution. That said, everyone should be prepared to wrap their head around the fact that after having signed a contract extension after last year, unless Roman gets a HC job in the NFL or college, he's going to be back as the OC, especially if the 49ers go deep into the playoffs again.

Geep Chryst was an OC with Chargers (1999-2000).

Chryst was putrid in San Diego as the OC and the offense got worse the longer he stayed. The year he left, the offense shot up the charts from the mid 20's to #11 overall. Too wide of a variance to be coincidence.
Originally posted by jonesadrian:
just keep his playbook and have someone else call the plays.

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Let Harbaugh call his own plays.
i wouldnt mind seeing Kubiak
i'll take Greg
Wouldn't be against Roman staying but I definitely wouldn't be upset if he left either.
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Originally posted by Stevec9932:
i'll take Greg

why? he is the reason we are fighting for a playoff spot, he is the one who lost us the colts and panthers games, he is the one who lost the super bowl.
Originally posted by Wodwo:
I'm cool with whatever. It's not like the team sucks.

Try posting again when they get less than ten wins in a season.

I hate this thought process.

It's easy to beat up on crappy teams when you're a pretty good team. However, pretty good is not good enough to win it all. That is the goal. So, what good does it do to win 10 games if your offense wouldn't be capable of holding up when it matters? Just because a team is winning doesn't mean nothing is wrong with it.

Personally, I feel Roman has been doing a good job the last 3 or 4 weeks. Basically, ever since Crabs came back. Before that, not so much.
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How can you tell the difference between a bad play call vs bad execution vs good defense when you watch the 49ers offense?

Hue Jackson
hugh jackman
Originally posted by Wodwo:
I'm cool with whatever. It's not like the team sucks.

Try posting again when they get less than ten wins in a season.

It is funny ... every fan base thinks their OC sucks. I was reading a thread where they were tearing Bevell a new one ... and they are one of the best in the league. And Bevell is being looked on as a serious head coach candidate. Defensive coordinators and players get paid too.

You know what a good play is? One that works
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hugh jackman

Jack, Man

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