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Resign Boldin over Crabtree extension

Assume you can't keep either and start grooming some young guys. Then, if they are reasonable about contracts, you wind up with a stellar receiving group.


Boldin--mentor for young receivers
Crabtree--great rapport with CK
Boldin--catches most balls anywhere near him
Crabtree--good chance to gain YAC


Boldin--doesn't get as much separation now
Crabtree--sometimes disappears

Boldin/Crabtree--not the fastest guys in the world


Two durable guys who will stretch the field and catch everything in their vicinity

Dream for 2014: Boldin, Crabtree, Patton and two or three rookies all capable of playing at a high level! (Matthews, Beckham, Adams, Cooks, Richardson, Landry or Moncrief)

Beyond Dream: Watkins
I think both is a solid possibility, depending on what happens with Mike Iupati. Not sure about the salary cap, but AB81 laid out a very realistic scenario where we could keep Crabtree, Boldin, Kaep, and Aldon.
Originally posted by rammer:
Nobody said 4 years 40 mil buddy. We said extend him for two, hopefully at a reasonable price, draft a few receivers in hopes one takes off and then decide what to do with crabs at the end of next year based on what our draft picks do.

And Jerome Simpson? Comparing him to anquan boldin? Seriously?
I personally believe we haven't had a receiver like this since Jerry Rice. TO Was good but he wasn't clutch like boldin. Even last years crabs was good but this guy moves the chains. I don't care for highlight reel 60 yard touchdowns because it doesn't happen everyday. I want a player to move the chains and that's what Boldin does!

The OP, to whom I was responding, did indeed suggest a 4 year 40Mill deal. As for Simpson, that was actually somewhat of a Fruedian slip up. Simpson used to play for the Bengals. I meant A.J. Green (Bengals). He is, indeed better than Boldin.

Again, Boldin has been great his whole career but there's no justification in letting Crabtree walk only for the sake of re-signing Boldin as the OP suggests. If you're gonna let Crabtree walk, because he wants way too much, fine. But if it came down to one or the other - keeping the teams future in mind - it's a no brainer.
Originally posted by okla_sooners:
Keep crabs and draft Watkins.that way we got a speedster and a possesion wr to compliment each other.

I would be super happy with this scenario!
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