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who is your Favorite 49ers FB of All Time?

who is your Favorite 49ers FB of All Time?

Rathman all the way
Originally posted by WRATHman44:
A FB should be known for his blocking more than his rushing, IMO. Rathman crushes Craig there.

Originally posted by Mr.Mcgibblets:
Maybe it's just wrong.. guess technically it is.. but I just don't view Craig as a FB. Been a lot of years, but when I think of SF's best and my most favorite bruising FB? I think Rathman all the way.

No problem with either of you! I loved Rathman, but Craig ran almost exactly like my brother and both use to knock out players with their high knee action. They were both tough, tenacious in everything they did and so my bias is toward Craig. Rathman could definitely lead a RB through a hole and Craig owes much of his yardage to TR.
I would have listed Roger Craig ...but 1985 happened ....he didnt get 1000 yards rushing and 1000 yards receiving as an up back/FB ...after that spectacular season, he is regarded as one of the best RB's of alltime IMO
Originally posted by NineFourNiner:
Rathman's the best, but my favorite is Bar None.
Rathman is my favorite, but I'm a little surprised Earl Cooper from the first Super Bowl team hasn't gotten any votes yet.
Originally posted by Dshearn:
Originally posted by b9er37:
If it isn't rathman then you just aren't old enough, but there's some good names on this list.

;o) if it's not Craig...your not old enough...

I remember Craig as a hb. He was my favorite player as a kid. I even wrote him a letter an he sent me an autographed photo.
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Rathman, great blocker, very good catching out of the backfield
This is like similar to asking who you favorite WR was.
Originally posted by Young2Rice:
This is like similar to asking who you favorite WR was.

Roger Craig?

Originally posted by cciowa:

Ha ha!
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Rathman far and away.
lol yea or who the better QB was Montana or Young
Originally posted by Dshearn:
Originally posted by WRATHman44:
Craig lined up at FB as a way to get the best 11 on the field. He was a very good football player, but he was a positional blocker as a FB, not a thumper. I like a FB who can rattle your teeth and knock you on your ass 40 times a game. Rathman's that guy.

No....Craig was a starting FB becuase he was the best FB on the team.

Both Rathman and Craig were WCO full backs.

Lets not act like Rathman was Moose or something else romantic.

Rathman was put on the bench(in his prime) by Marc Loagan.
Rathman was hurt most of 93 and retired after 94 so I don't think those were his prime years those prime years were 87 thru 91 or 92 By the way only 3 fumble in 864 touches and only 1 lost.
They were all great.
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