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Do you have confidence in Dixon moving to FB?

Do you have confidence in Dixon moving to FB?

Let's hear it for the next man up! Dixon and Tukuafu as far as I can tell have filled in very nicely for Miller, who I believe is one of the top 3 FB's in the league.
I like both of these guys as fullback, I'm just hoping to see Tukuafu take a pass in the flats and crush some somebody into 2015!
I like Dixon..but I don't see how we keep him next year unless he's played well enough at FB that they decide to axe Miller. He doesn't have to be AS GOOD AS miller, but he has to be close to win...he'll get bonus for being able to be a HB and Special teams play.

Gore isn't going anywhere

You think we'll keep this many backs? I mean, really?
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