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Do you have confidence in Dixon moving to FB?

Do you have confidence in Dixon moving to FB?

Kap can always tell Dix, "once thru the hole, block the MLB to the outside"...or something like that. Then again, maybe Dixon picks it up pretty fast. Whatever, he has NOT been used except basically STs, where he excels, and occ RB in JUmbo pak, which all 31 teams in NFL know how to defend..and know it is coming...right up until kap's best of the yr fake and then a floater to #85 in the EZ...all alone. So I think it finally is his time, and hope he has been keeping current on plays, then with luck he will fit right in. JImbo's conversion of Miller from LB to FB virtually meant stealing the job from Dixon. I can't believe he isn't really hungry right now to show JH he was wrong. At least, I sure hope so.

LIke everyone else, I got my fingers crossed right up until our first O play...and then we will see . My gut? he will be a good pass protector, and not quite as good "hole blower outer". Still I think he can do it.

Like others, I finally think we will get hardhead roman to split LMJ, Hunter, Vance, maybe Baldwin(pick your other WRs or TEs for this set) wide of kap, and see how the D reacts to that. My guess would be with open mouths as in "WTF" is that?
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Dixon has been attending the same meetings as Bruce Miller. it's not like he's coming in cold off of the street and trying to learn the offense.
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Am I the only person they would like to see a split- back look with gore and lmj with Crabs, Boldin and VD?? With Colin under center this would be HARD to defend!

I always wondered if Roman would use some split backfield sets with Gore and James or Hunter ? .....Gore and James in the backfield, send James out in motion and put him in the slot, all kinds of possibilities ...maybe we will see some looks like that on monday

This is an Old Air Coryell formation. It would free up VD, hold the LBs, and get lmj in space. It's also very hard to double team the TE.

yup ....Freeing up Vernon is a priority ...and we definitely have to draw up some schemes to get LMJ in space to do some damage
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Any word on what their doing?
I am sensing a bit of intellectual laziness from some of you regarding Boobie's running style. While he was at one time quite a ballerina of a runner, since late last year and most of this year, he is hitting the hole quick and hard. I realize this may excite some of you, yet, bring the light to others.
Yes, I think he will do well. Rathman will have him ready
'Cmon, Win-Dixie! The next men up is more than ready!
I think Dixon will be better in the passing game he is quicker and more shifty than Miller.
Let's see, is it Boobie, Boobie-Dix-in, Dixie, Win-Dixie, Dix, or Big Dix? Hmm let's just say if he is half as good as his worst nickname he will be a monster!

nope that dude dances too much and doesnt play up to his size.
What about A -Train as his new nick name?
Originally posted by ChazBoner:

I would like to know what people see in Dixon that I have missed for the last few years? He has never even been a "good" short yardage back to close out
a game unless it is a blowout. He has been solid on special teams I agree, but nothing else.... Just like Ventrone, really good special teams
but that is it. What am I missing???
No Probowl Fullback-- ouch.

But, does anyone else see a silver lining to all this? Maybe we put Dixon in and roll out the same offense,

OR, we stay single back, use an extra WR, and get all Pro-style against other teams?

The offense is obviously forced to adjust some of the things they've been doing, but I think these last two games will tell a lot about how far we can go. If we click with a more spread attack, the running lanes will open up, and we might just look like last year's team that stormed past people when it mattered.
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