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Do you have confidence in Dixon moving to FB?

Do you have confidence in Dixon moving to FB?

Miller was playing really good football and it will be hard for Dixon to take his place, but I do believe that he can step up and fill the role. His ability to run the ball on short yardage plays, fullback dive, is an upgrade and if catching a pass he has more speed and running ability. Main concern is run blocking assignment.
Kevan Barlow 2.0 at FB
If Roman tries to use Dixon exactly the same way they used Miller, that will probably not produce the best results of going with Dixon. If Roman looks at it as an opportunity to take advantage of Dixon's strengths, it could work fine.
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Am I the only person they would like to see a split- back look with gore and lmj with Crabs, Boldin and VD?? With Colin under center this would be HARD to defend!

I always wondered if Roman would use some split backfield sets with Gore and James or Hunter ? .....Gore and James in the backfield, send James out in motion and put him in the slot, all kinds of possibilities ...maybe we will see some looks like that on monday

This is an Old Air Coryell formation. It would free up VD, hold the LBs, and get lmj in space. It's also very hard to double team the TE.
Fullback dive FTW!
yes, I'm confident. Not as good as Miller but Dix has been around long enough not to be overwhelmed when getting on the field.

I'd really like to see some 3 TE packages if they are all healthy.
Yes..let's do it.
I have more faith in him than an outsider or even Wilhoite just cuz I think he knows the position and assignments.
Any news on McDonald? 2 TE sets seem to be the answer...
yes & no.

He won't be a better run blocker than miller. but will be faster

He hasn't really been a FB, per se...he's been more of a short yardage back than a true FB leading for a RB such as Gore. If we put him in to lead for Gore he is going to have to know all of his assignments in a very complex running game not to mention how he'll block, the timing, is different for Gore than it would be for Hunter/James. He "could" be solid in the passing game if he plays a similar role but we also lose Miller on ST and if they plan on playing Dixon the 60% of the snaps Miller took up, we may lose Dixon on ST as well (conditioning). It's a tremendous loss!. So overall, the answer for me is "no."
He is hungry! Give him his shot.
Boobie is hungry and ready. He has impressed me these last 2 seasons with his tenacity and will to make this team. Aside from that, he has improved as a runner. He may be the surprise of the playoffs.
Dixon could be another version of the hybrid RB/FB. I'm really interested in how he does and I think he'll be fine.
I don't doubt his commitment or his effort. Looks like Derek Carrier, Macdonald, Celek and maybe Wilhoite or Marecic will all get their shot, too. Tough break for our boys. Next man up.
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