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OFFICIAL Goodbye Candlestick Park

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Although I'm 26 years old and never really experienced the Montana days for the Niners at the Candlestick being born in SF and currently living in NC I will miss the Niners playing there. It's going to be weird seeing them play in Santa Clara next season. I don't care if this place is a dump or old or whatever I still consider this the best stadium ever. It has a lot of history and a lot of personality. It's going to be an emotional Monday night. I'm jealous of everyone who is going to be there.
Candlestick, we hardly knew ye.
Originally posted by phatbutskinny:

cool timeline. i'm so anxious for this game. the 'stick is gunna be rockin

hopefully bonstonker or hitstick49er. they have great videos
I'm hoping they'll let the fans walk on the field at the end of the game, that would be pretty damn cool.
Originally posted by verb1der:
I'm hoping they'll let the fans walk on the field at the end of the game, that would be pretty damn cool.

i hope so, then i leave lot with ease
My parents split season tickets with an old co-worker of my mom. When they were all deciding on what games they all get I saw we had this game. My dad and his friend usually always go to the last game of the season together. This year I basically told his friend f**k you I'm going to this one. He kinda b***hed for a bit but he ended up buying an extra ticket so the three of us are going. He likes getting there a few hours early so I'm hoping to swing by the Webzone tailgate party.

Anyways this game is going to be awesome. Might even shed a few tears at the end. I imagine it's going to go pretty late with all the extra stuff going on.

I still have grass from "The Catch" endzone I picked from Bill Walsh's funeral ( ). I have it in the frame with my ticket stub from the Monday nighter vs AZ that was in honor of him. Gonna put the tickets from this Monday's game right next to it on my "Wall of Fame"
Oh the fun we had with this picture in the photoshop thread

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I went to my first giants game and first niners game at the stick when I was just a wee lad. It was a Monday night game against the vikings, the year Rice broke his leg I think, the parking lot was mud
And I didn't realize that the place was a dump. For me though when I think of the stick there are 2 memories that outshine the rest. 1 being Young to Owens in that wildcard game against the packers, that catch was just... Wow, and the call from summerall and madden. The next one is my greatest sports memory, the Brian Johnson homerun against the dodgers in 97, I remember rushing to the rec center after school, they had a tv upstairs, I turned on the game just in time to see it. I went nuts jumping up and down in that room, I was the only one in there. I remember the stick went crazy like I never seen.

I don't know, the giants old unis and the bright sun at the stick with the diehards in the stands and kuipers voice, there's something so Bay Area about it, it's hard to explain.
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Originally posted by thl408:
I'm going to miss huddling around a bathtub, shoulder to shoulder with other drunk dudes, to pee.

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