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OFFICIAL Goodbye Candlestick Park

30 years of going to games (pre, regular and post season games) at Candlestick. Thanks for the memories old friend.
who is going to cry tonight? i can see the niners having one more playoff game at candlestick. GO RAMS lol beat the seahawks!
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Candlestick will fade away, but the legacy that was made there...won't.
It was a dump, but it's our dump. 42 years worth of great memories.

Saw the Niners play the Saints in 1971 during the first season away from Kezar.

Saw five games this year and the last one was the victory over the hated Seahawks.

Hope the Niners send the ole' lady out in style in primetime tonight! Go NINERS!
i has 3 sads.

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I hated it, but loved it at the same time.

i just wanna say, i couldnt pick another team or coaching staff i'd rather entrust the swan song of candlestick to. no matter what happens, i give the whole org. credit for making this game matter at this point. with all the adversity that came during the season, the job they've done is outstanding. we saw many lesser teams fade into oblivion when the going got tough for them, yet here the 9ers are, still alive for the division and giving meaning to a game that would've had no real meaning 4+ years ago at this point.

that said, i hope they kick the falcons asses so hard even a 4 win team is still embarrassed
Check it out
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The one and only time I was able to visit The Stick

BTW,any one know, did the Niners play in any stadium before, Kesar?
Birman and Clark are having fun
Originally posted by JiksJuicy:
The one and only time I was able to visit The Stick

That was a fun game to be at. Razzle Dazzle Arnez Battle! Lol. Hella fans left before the end
I know it's time for it to go, but I'm not looking forward to moving to a new stadium, which will have absolutely no atmosphere on TV (none of the new ones do). I will miss getting a look at the light hitting the fog in night games on punts and kickoffs.

I also roll my eyes at the likes of Joe Montana whining about the field being wet in December and January. The rain/wet field was our only introduction to actual elements in pro football. It doesn't get very cold in San Francisco in the winter, doesn't snow. The only thing identifiable about that time of year, the late season/playoff time of year, is the rain and mud and slick field. Fans showing up in raincoats and the field turning into tufts of grass and mud, pissing off Troy Aikman and Emmitt Smith. What's next, is Brett Favre going to whine about the snow at Lambeau?

In Santa Clara, it'll be perfect conditions, 24/7. Boring, uninspired, unidentifiable football games with no ambiance. Just another addition to the changing times, where the world turns into a thin, plastic iphone.
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