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Callin it right now: 49ers are gonna win the division

If they lose in NY I might get a tingle of excitement.
Seahawks lose out, lose to Eagles in first round of playoffs.

49ers over Dolphins in Superbowl 56-55.
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um, you can put down the JD now...take a nap and drink lots of water to eliminate the hangover
Originally posted by SonocoNinerFan:
If they lose in NY I might get a tingle of excitement.

If the Hacks lose to NY ...I'm gonna break my sobriety and celebrate with a huge bowl of weed and a couple oxy's
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who cares about the division.. you just better worry about winning the next three games and just getting into the playoffs. if the team stumbles sunday, that is the end of the line in my opinion. winning the division is very unrealistic thanks to roman losing the colts and panthers games,, and to the entire team for a list of mistakes made in the saints game.
I for one care about the division! Its a long shot but damn CC do you ever allow yourself to get excited? The way you talk about this team makes me wonder how you can even enjoy 49ers football. More than likely this is a 12 win team you're talking about like they have no chance at all and have only a punchers chance to back into the playoffs.

The Panthers look like doo doo lately, the Broncos just got spanked at home against the Chargers, and our very own 49ers just beat the best team in the league. Anything can happen on any given Sunday. Cheer up brah! The 49ers are getting healthy and its not all bad all the time!! GO NINERS!
Originally posted by GreenReaperTT:
i honestly think that OTHER team from washington who will remain nameless has peaked and peaked hard. maybe wishful thinking, but hell, its better than idiotic hand wringing over harbaugh taking a college job

Heres how it shakes out:
We planted a seed of doubt, they still cant kill their main rival.

Now they go play on the east coast in an early game, maybe inclement weather. right after a tough loss in a beat em up game.... So they lose there

Then they go back home all arrogantly thinking they will right the ship, no one beats them at home, blah blah blah, BUT, meanwhile the Tards are suddenly not to be trifled with. they get turnovers galore, and they come in and pull off a miracle.

so after the Tards beat the Hags, Tards get way too cocky and we go take em to the woodshed again.


ok so its far fetched but it has a better chance of happening than harbaugh to texas

I like your dreams. They make me all warm and fuzzy inside.
There not gonna choke away the division unfortunately all they have to do is win 1 game out of there last 3 there not gonna lose there final 3 games. The most realistic way of looking at this is just let them have the division and Niners should just focus on getting in the playoffs which im sure they will get in. And then put there energy into beating who ever is in front of them this post season.
Originally posted by JTsBiggestFan:
They're probably due to lose some games going forward much the way we were due winning tight games we lost that should have won (CAR, NO).

I have to disagree with you here. The only reason the 49ers had a chance to win in NO was the fumbled near pick 6 out of the back of the end zone. I know Gore dropped a sure 1st down late, and Brooks went chiropractor on Brees (questionable). But NO owned all the stats that game, and the 49ers were lucky to have a chance at the end. Carolina just dominated on defense ... no excuses there. I think the winnable game was against the Colts. The 49ers abandoned the run in the 2nd half, even though they were looking nearly unstoppable. The play calling in that game was suspect at best.

As far as the OP's post ... good luck with that one. Seattle will most likely take care of business. You may as well embrace the horror ... the NFC championship goes through Seatlle. It is too bad the 49ers are not just 1 game behind. It would be interesting to see if the collar started to tighten a bit on a young Seattle team, with some pressure.
49ers for ever no matter what.

You never know BUT winning the Super Bowl is what really matters.

I think they'll be overconfident and hopefully Robag has an attack offensive game plan.
I don't want to rain on this parade, but anybody that thinks that Seattle will drop 2 of their remaining 3 games is nuts.

I could see them loosing on the road to NYG. But expecting either the Cards or Rams to win in Seattle is crazy. For one, if Seattle does loose this week, they will fully understand the implications of loosing one of their last two games at home. So they will come to play. Nobody will catch them by surprise.

We lost our chance to win the division when we lost back to back games against the Panthers and Saints and the Saints failed to win in Seattle.
If our defense continues to play at this level, we can beat anyone anywhere.
Originally posted by Memphis9er:
If our defense continues to play at this level, we can beat anyone anywhere.

Damn right
Wont happen and 49ers shouldn't count on this happening. Best thing is to Clinch a spot hopefully this week with a win and some helpful losses and then rest the boys week 17 at AZ.
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