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Callin it right now: 49ers are gonna win the division

i honestly think that OTHER team from washington who will remain nameless has peaked and peaked hard. maybe wishful thinking, but hell, its better than idiotic hand wringing over harbaugh taking a college job

Heres how it shakes out:
We planted a seed of doubt, they still cant kill their main rival.

Now they go play on the east coast in an early game, maybe inclement weather. right after a tough loss in a beat em up game.... So they lose there

Then they go back home all arrogantly thinking they will right the ship, no one beats them at home, blah blah blah, BUT, meanwhile the Tards are suddenly not to be trifled with. they get turnovers galore, and they come in and pull off a miracle.

so after the Tards beat the Hags, Tards get way too cocky and we go take em to the woodshed again.


ok so its far fetched but it has a better chance of happening than harbaugh to texas
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Highly unlikely, but not impossible. I agree it has a better chance of happening than Harbaugh to Texas.
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I see you've been hanging out with Rob Ford...

crack is whack
Three games left and i'm on board. I think eli and little shift cruz burn those big DBs and the DBs get called for holding like crazy.
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I like it, let's make this happen
Your crazy!!! And I like it
Earth to Thread, Earth to Thread. Reality called and wants you to know that this is a R E A L long shot. Not saying it can't happen and not saying this has an impact either way on what happens in the playoffs.
Erm... no. Just hope for the 5-spot.
weakhawks will choke away the rest of their season
Let's start with this week, Eli has knocked out much bigger fish in his career.

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I'm calling it right now, your crazy.
Would have been much more likely had SEA lost ANY of the 3 games they should have (HOU, STL and TB). I'm with you can hope!
Originally posted by VANiner:
Would have been much more likely had SEA lost ANY of the 3 games they should have (HOU, STL and TB). I'm with you can hope!

and @CAR if not for the fumble
So who wins the division if we tie with Seattle?
Not likely, but stranger things have happened. I would really like it better if we went up to that joke of a stadium and put a whoopin on their asses in front of those s**tty, obnoxious, front-running, delusional, overly sensative entitled and self centered "fans" I don't really hate the shehawks other than Littledick Shemhead and Carroll, but the average shehawk fan is scum of the earth. (aside from hawker84 and Lisa)
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