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Analysis from Seahawks Game coaches film

Looking forward to it you two: thl408 & jonnydel
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Originally posted by jonnydel:
I'll answer all your questions/comments Ace, Brodie, Domesik and Defender. The coaches film is still yet to be available online, I'm waiting with giddy anticipation to answer all those questions. After I get the film and get through the whole game I'll start a new thread and first post some overview analysis followed by detailed breakdowns of individual plays like I did before. I try and wait to do individual plays until I get a feel for what we were trying to accomplish game-wide. After that, I look to pull the best examples of why something did or didn't work.

Thanks Domesik, honestly, I saw on film how they could exploit that after they had set it up, I was kinda surprised myself when it was as spot on as I thought! haha.

From what I saw during the game, a lot of it played out pretty similarly to what I thought it would. I'll have a better answer after I watch the film, but, I think the only surprise for me was the TD to Jackson. From what I could see during the broadcast that looked like a play that Tampa hadn't shown on film in at least the last 4 games. I think they pulled that play from the Super Bowl when Boldin got his TD, which Baltimore pulled that play from GB. If so, we've really got to shore up against that play..... But, like I said, that's only conjecture from the broadcast I'll have more hopefully later on today.

Would like to your take on how T Brown played in his first game back from injury?
The NFL still hasn't uploaded the coaches film, I can only watch the condensed or broadcast versions right sucks. I'm chomping at the bit to get going on that stuff!
Balance will beat Seattle. The refs calling holding by Sherman will beat Seattle.
Originally posted by jonnydel:

Here the niners used play action to suck the linebackers up, the Seachickens were in man cover-1, meaning they were playing man coverage with a single high safety over the top. When Kap turns around he looks toward Crabtree who is running a shallow comeback with Boldin running a Hitch from the slot. Cam Chancellor is playing with outside leverage on Davis. When Kap turns around He see's the man coverage on Crabtree.

Kaep keeps looking Crabs way, looking for him to uncover, Thomas-the high safety, jumps on the inside of Boldin with #40 playing man on the outside of Boldin, essentially double teaming Anquan. Sherman had a flat foot cover on Crabs - meaning he didn't backpeddle much on Crabtree looking to jump the comback.
Kaep has room to step up in the pocket(highlighted with the O) the line did a great job. When he saw the man coverage read he should've automatically moved to Vernon knowing Vernon was running a Deep In(or DIG) route with the safety playing outside. You can see the seperation Vernon gets on Chancellor.

Finally, you see Kaep didn't step up into the pocket, instead, he scrambles out right and throws to Crabs(who did make a spectacular 4 yd catch) It was the play that looked like Crabs may have not gotten his 2nd foot in bounds but Seattle never challenged.) As you can see Vernon is wide open if Kaep moves through his progression and recognizes the outside leverage pre-snap. It was a 4 yd gain but could've been a 12-plus yd gain.

Kaepernick was later intercepted on this drive(which I will show next), He missed a couple plays like this in the game. Could've been a bigger win for us. But still a good win nonetheless and Kaep did play a pretty good game.

Beautiful analysis and breakdown!! Yet Kaep would argue with the world about "not knowing his reads".
Originally posted by LBSI9ers:
Balance will beat Seattle. The refs calling holding by Sherman will beat Seattle.

Calling the hold is key vs that trash of a team. I have been telling football guys for years that the Seahawks DB's cannot cover but they benefit from being the "fad" team that get excused from their violations via so called physical play that is usually flag on any other set of DB's
Originally posted by jonnydel:
Now I will show how Seattle scored it's 2nd TD

Here the niners are playing a soft 2 zone. Meaning the safeties are responsible for the 2 deep halves, the corners will drop about 10 yards back outside, the linebackers will cover short middle and Brooks drops towards the flat/qb contain.

Seattle pulls a run fake and Reid bites BIGTIME. He abandons his zone for run support. You can see Whitner on the top of the screen dropping into his deep half

Here you see Willis turned and saw Reid(highlighted by the red arrow) was out of his zone and tries to give chase. Rogers, when he turned his hips, saw Reid had jumped the PA and had to run with the receiver down the field leaving a wide open Luke Wilson(TE)

Rogers has to come off his man, try and close, and make the tackle on a big TE in open space. That's a tough task for anyone, so I don't blame him for missing the tackle. From there Wilson goes in to score.

If Reid stays home, Rogers can peel off his receiver and jump the TE route.

Reid is an outstanding safety and did play very well throughout this game. But, busted coverages like this can knock you out of the playoffs and playoff teams know how to take advantage.

Like I said in my previous post. When we play sound, fundamental defense, we are probably the best defense in the league.

Wow beautiful
I have a question for the guys who analyzed the Seahawks tape. Did Patrick Willis have a bad day in the passing game or is he just not elite at that part of his game? Ive been seeing TEs regularly make catches on him so I figure hes a beast in everything but that...if its true why isnt Bow being put out there? if not is it other peoples mistakes that i dont see on regular broadcast?
Originally posted by Furlow:
If that's what happened, then it needs to stop. I'm all for DB's trying to make a play, but even if Reid read run correctly he was still too far away to make an impact type play. There was no WR in that area so there was no route to jump. That would just be an absolutely horrible decision on his part.

Originally posted by Furlow:
Originally posted by jonnydel:
Originally posted by Furlow:
Originally posted by jonnydel:
Originally posted by Furlow:
Re-watching the play, and the gif, it seems like the design of the defense was for Reid and Rogers to swap responsibilities. Rogers bails immediately to a Cover 2 position, and Reid jumps the flat. If the RB our TE had run to the flat, Reid would have an INT opportunity. It seems like the Seapigeons just got lucky and called the perfect route for that gamble.

I could be wrong, and Reid could have jumped the play action. But if he's jumping play action AT ALL while having deep Cover 2 responsibility, then he needs to be benched. Even kids on my pop warner team don't make that mistake...

Love the analysis though, this is fun. Would be great to sit in on a film session after a game with the coaches and players to really know how much the game is a chess match.

How I knew it was soft cover 2 was because Brock drops into a soft curl zone on the other side and Rogers starts to do the same. Reid starts flying down when Wilson turns to fake the handoff, he doesn't head anywhere close to a soft zone area, where he ends up when he realized he just got tricked is where Bowman ends up for his drop into zone.

There isn't a WR in the flat or going towards the flat, so no need for Reid to jump all the way to the soft zone. I like to call that "covering grass" which is a definite no-no in zone coverage. It just seems unbelievable that an NFL safety (and one who is playing very well) could make THAT bad of a mistake. Again, biting on play action when you have deep Cover 2 responsibility is so blatantly bad that it's inexcusable, even for a rookie.

Plus Rogers completely bails to a deep 2 responsibility, he doesn't settle in a soft zone like Brock does. Of course, he may have just seen Reid completely leave him hanging, so maybe he just kept his depth.

Either way it was a bad play, but I'm hoping that Reid isn't that much of an idiot. I agree with you that we need to be able to play zone coverage in order to effectively stop good running teams, and that means all of the DB's have to stay disciplined and stay in their zone until the ball is thrown or the RB has the ball.
on the gif it looks like Rogers bails into 2 deep responsibility but on the coaches film you can see he hesitates very briefly while turning his hips in showing he's sitting down into his zone and about to look for a receiver since he was on the single receiver side. when he turns his hips he sees that Reid has shot down.

Reid is an aggressive safety and seattle hadn't taken a shot like that yet in the game. With aggressive, young safeties, they will have lapses like this every once in a while. Shoot, Polamalu still does some things like this every once in a while.

If that's what happened, then it needs to stop. I'm all for DB's trying to make a play, but even if Reid read run correctly he was still too far away to make an impact type play. There was no WR in that area so there was no route to jump. That would just be an absolutely horrible decision on his part.

Exactly!! Which is why it is not a good assessment to assume that he was "jumping a route". If so what route was he jumping? Please someone enlighten me.
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