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Saw something today

The kitchen sink will be thrown next week, anyone notice the coaching staff didn't have Manningham on the field that much in the rams game? Hopefully we finally see some Manningham reverses next week. I felt like G-Ro held a lot of stuff back and just wanted to come out with the win.
Yeah, next to nothing for Manningham and McDonald (think he got hurt though). Aside from those horrendous stretch-run plays off tackle that NEVER work, did Hunter or James get any looks in the passing game (in between the tackles)? I can't remember. We still have way too many weapons on the field to cover so would like to see some more AR plays focused on Manningham, McDonald and Hunter/James. I actually thought the middle screen was a good call but Gore ran inside where there was a lane outside. He had a chance. No issue with that call although I'd rather see that play run with Hunter/James and on first down, not inside the 10 yard line (RZ).
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