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Holding back plays

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we were all in on the read option working as the offensive base. once that failed, they needed to effectively restart training camp during the season.

Uhh, no. They abandoned the read option before the season even started. They don't allow Kap to run!

we don't allow him to throw either (close to, if not, last in attempts i believe). so he's on the field for nothing?

we ran the read option more vs. GB and in seattle, then started getting run heavy after the colts game......

They've run the read option sparingly, but never were they "all in" with it this season. It is not the primary or base offense and hasn't been for one single game this year.

They've spent the entire season trying to establish Kap as a pocket Passer from game one.

I'll agree "all in" was an exaggerated choice of words. but the read-option was a large part of the offense early on because it was kaeps strength. and IMO they ended up using it a lot less rather than phasing it to a lesser usage more quickly than the coaching staff would have liked.... mostly because kaep wasn't ready yet.
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What's a good scheme against a zone?

Not sure if Kaep can have a good day...if we have long developing plays

Well, against the Saints the Seahawks looked like they played a lot of Cover 1 Man. Earl Thomas in deep middle, Chancellor down in the box, the 2 corners on the outside playing man, and the linebackers with zone or man responsibilities.

I found a pretty cool article describing the strengths and weaknesses of the coverage, and how to attack it:

- Pressure from a five (5) man rush
- every potential receiver is accounted for (covered)
- defenders have help to the post • excellent versus screens and delays
- C's can play a tight man as they have help from the FS – crowd the receivers on third and five or longer
- excellent versus zone routes
- can take away the outs with an outside technique by the C's
- speed on speed – good blitz coverage

- Poor run support
- mismatch with the backs versus linebackers
- hard to disguise versus motion
- three deep zones are not covered
- no under cover • crossing routes
- "bunch" and "snug" type sets

How to attack it
- Back routes on the linebackers
- create mismatches with the TE running option ("read") routes
- stay shallow with routes, catch the ball short and run long
- crossing routes ("mesh") with the wide receivers
- TE in the alley or fades to the wide receivers
- running plays
- coverage away from FS by "looking off"

See more at:

^need that more to keep the jamb off the WR's....
Well if thats the case, this Sunday will be a great day to open up the playbook.
No, we are not holding back plays, would be great, but not happening, maybe a few wrinkles or tricks, but we are not seeing the spread anytime soon.

Roman is having a hard enough time as is, let alone scheming plays against a future random defense, that we are going to practice, but not run.
Been waiting for both innovation and UFOs. Haven't seen either. Pretty sure there won't be any. Nothing to see evidently. JH is running the offense like he wants to, in the manner of his Big 10 mentors. I doubt he is seeking a great deal of innovation.

Roman knows all these plays, screens and such, like any coach does. Either he doesn't like to run them or JH doesn't let him. We just do not know the dynamics here. The play calling does seem to be consistent with JH's personal history.

We will see a classic PAC12 vs BIG10 matchup when Seattle comes to town. It will be defense and ball control vs a more free-flowing and unpredictable style of play. I could see the Niners winning a low scoring, close game or equally likely the Seahawks more or less blowing them out. Just like Rose Bowl games.

You might see some F-18s overhead, but no UFOs.

Well what do you know, they are holding back plays from time to time
How many games have they lost because of holding back plays and running Gore into 9 and 10 in the box.
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Well what do you know, they are holding back plays from time to time

Goodwin said they called that play a few times...but changed the call, due to seattle's defensive look
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