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Sold'n Boldin

Originally posted by pasodoc9er:
I'm with Chaz on this. No disrespect to crabs, but Boldin is the guy that caught every damn jumpball on the OOB line all game against us in SB and probably beat us singlehandedly. Nobody does the OOB jumpball catch like boldin and a major disappointment has been, we KNOW what he is capable of on 3rd down conversions, we know what he can do in EZ, and has HaRo used him for the 3rd down conversion and EZ jumpball catches? NO!. And the next question is "WHY IN THE HELL NOT?" We have had multiple opportunities to use him thus, and did we in losses to SEA, INDY, Saints, Panthers? NO, no, no, and no. And that is coming from the former COY jim harbaugh? Wow, has Coach H ever fallen off a cliff. I thot he was the best thing since sliced bread, but overlooking what this one superstar can do...and actually DID to us in SB....and then NOT TO USE HIM in this manner....well, it just frustrates the hell out of me, and I wonder just how good is Coach H, or did he come in and salvage a team that already had great talent?

I guess, I am just terribly disappointed that a guy who I feel is a great coach could be so influenced by his krappy OC, that he just doesn't see all the bad roman has caused, instead focusing on the good games...against weak sister teams. Where thoughtfulness and innovation, creativity are concerned, Coach H has backslid about, oh, well 3 yrs. Again, the question....WHY?

What he did as COY was not a fluke. He is a great coach and he's learning the NFL ropes too. Let's have some perspective here. Look what Belichek did in Cleveland. How long did it take for him to get to where he his. Walsh made plenty of mistakes.

They planned to do a more wide open offense with spread formations and then the reality of losing Crabs, the new rules on hitting the QB on read/option and the speed with which NFL defenses caught up to our scheme....all these came together to present a very big challenge to this offense. They went back to power running from the I with Frank because this is what worked. Then defenses put 8-9 in box and brought major pressure while taking Boldin away. Kap showed his immaturity, with the one read, drop eyes and get happy feet rut he got in. It was a perfect storm of many, many things coming together. Denigrating Harbaugh because he didn't get on Roman for not throwing more jump balls to Boldin seems to be a bit out of proportion. Could he have done things differently with Roman? Sure. Does this mean he doesn't have to be one of the great coaches of this era? No!
Yesterday i think was the first glimpse of what the offense was suppose to be this year. Boldin was key yesterday Crabtrees presence on the field was leaving Boldin open and it got him 9 receptions. With Crabtree Manningham and Davis teams wont know who to cover and i see a lot more receptions coming towards Boldin's way Kaep seems to trust him. And Boldin might be our 2nd 1,000 yard receiver in a row hes only 178 yards away with 4 games left.
barry, I still think Coach H is a terrific coach. I also think ignoring what roman did or didn't do during our 4 losses is inexcusable. Stating the obvious, THIS IS JIM HARBAUGH'S team, and ultimately, he is responsible. Continuing to let roman call 5-7 steppers against a box 8,9 or 10, is just incredibly bad coaching. Why JH hasn't pounded this into roman's thick skull is, well, demoralizing. We have the talent to take the SB. We have an OC who is keeping our talent and HC from realizing our potential...and SB. Answer is pretty simple...can roman, ASAP. He is a great signal caller against weak teams. He is unable to get the point that against box 8,9 or 10, you cannot expect your QB to complete passes that take more than 3 just doesn't work.

Now, if Kap is rolling out, that is a bit different story, as we saw several times yesterday...but that was kap, NOT roman.
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