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Fran Tarkenton Says Kaeperknick looks Confused?

Hall of Fame quarterback Fran Tarkenton spoke about Colin Kaepernick Friday on KNBR. Here is what Tarkenton said.

TARKENTON: "I see a guy that looks confused, and I've thought about that because I really like this young man. I love your team. I just love everything about it, and I picked them to win this year.

"If I were Jim Harbaugh – he doesn't need any advice from me, he does pretty good himself – but I understand quarterbacks, too. Let this kid…free him up. Let him be Colin Kaepernick.

"He's got skills got skills nobody else has. He's got to use his legs, use his instincts and be natural with himself. He looks mechanical. He looks like he wants to do everything just right. He wants to be perfect in what he does. Go out and be yourself."

I gotta agree ... especially during the Panthers game, Kap looked confused at times and IMO got lost in Harbaugh/ Roman's complex system .... but something tells me they are saving the money plays for down the stretch, and Kap will unleash all of his talents with a full arsenal at his disposal
This year is is pocket passing school for Kaep. Next year will be total annihilation!
I agree with what Fran said but I see it both ways. I think Kaep needs to find a way to play loose... not so stiff. But at the same time, I like him being told what to do on every play. Young Qbs have the mindset that they can squeeze passes into any window and Harbs probably knows that he had growing pains when he was a young QB.

Like Verb said...Learn to be in the pocket this year. Set himself up nicely for his career!
It's almost like opposing defenses are taking away his strengths and making him prove he can win in the pocket.
Originally posted by verb1der:
This year is is pocket passing school for Kaep. Next year will be total annihilation!

Damn right ...they say it takes 3 solid years as a starter to fully grasp the offense year I expect Kap to have the ability to run so many different schemes.... "read option" , "vintage west coast offense" as well as the Jumbo packages and odd formations Jim and Greg like to run ...when Kap grows up , our offense is going to be a terrifying monster
he is being like his coach , playing not to lose insted of playing to win. affraid to make mistakes , wants to be like Alex. !
The Panthers game was an eye opener in many ways.

It demonstrated loud and clear that a one dimensional offense will not get it done in our quest for another Super Bowl.

They challenged us to pass and we failed. We failed in play calling, adjustments and execution.

Tark is right and IMO it's been the coaching that has slowed Kap down.

SURE - he needs to develop a softer touch on shorter throws and get better at progressions BUT the 3 play crap hasn't really been successful
I have no problem with this critique. He seems that way to me too. You just have to hope Kaep keeps progressing. He has the credibility to make this comment, that is for sure.
CK is confused...on who Fran Tarkenton is and why he is talking about him. LOL
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With better receiving weapons comes better results. I see him improving dramatically these next 5 games.

Is it bad that I didn't want to hear what Tarkenton had to say for the sole reason that people compare Russell Wilson to him?

With that said, I think he is right.
Pretty Good accessment from a very good QB & football mind in Fran T. I agree with him. Let CK use his legs more and throw on the run more, He has a cannon and can make HUGE chunk plays passing downfield using his legs.
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So this needed its own thread why?
Originally posted by NCommand:
CK is confused...on who Fran Tarkenton is and why he is talking about him. LOL
LOL! He's probably trying to find him on Instagram for more bulletin board material.
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If Kap played with his instincts, he'd run after his first option was covered since that's what he did so much in college. Kap is being re-wired. Don't let him play with his instincts. It will pay off in the long run.
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