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LMAO @ Chaz!
A day early but Happy Gobble Gobble Day to all... Thanks for making this the best 49ers fan forum site!!!

- 98
Originally posted by ChazBoner:

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happy holidays to my other family, the Webzone Family.
Happy Thanksgiving Lupati!
Ditto all of the above.

I'm in an expansive mood for Thanksgiving. Here are a few other 49'er things for which I am thankful::
The medical staff who advised Nolan & McLoughan in 2005 that Frank Gore's knees were "good to go". (Ditto Crabtree's foot).
Mike Singletary for having "the talk" with Vernon Davis.
Justin Smith and Patrick Willis for leading-by-example and teaching everyone what it means to be a real pro.
Jim Tomsula for molding clay into fearsome D-linemen.
Jim Harbaugh for making that side trip from the club's Lake Tahoe party, to quietly work-out a certain QB in nearby Reno.
Jed York for growing into the job and listening to Uncle Eddie.
I would just like to add my thanks to the zone and the staff. You have helped me fill many hours of 49ers withdrawal. thanks and keep up the good work
have a good one !
Thank you Colin Kaepernick

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the zone has the best group of mods in its history in my opinion. they give people second chances, unlike espn they do not make themselves the story as they let things go pretty far before stepping in. esp this year when the niners have been such a dr jekyll mr hyde team and esp during game day., they have a very very tough job in controlling things. esp when ck started to struggle and the predictable alex stuff started to pop up they did a very good job in trying to stop fires before they got out of control. I am one of the main instigators and knee jerk people here and the resolve they show is pretty amazing
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enjoy the holiday and enjoy what should be good games on thursday because after today,, we are going where only the tough go
Got to give props to the folks that run the asylum, to its passionate, crazy, but faithful posters, and to sus for constantly providing me with reasons not to have children.
i'm thankful to be canadian so i can celebrate thanksgiving in back to back months. i celebrate yours aswell cus i love football and turkey.
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