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Why our lack of home field is not a disadvantage

While our offense this year has been as anemic as any to date, all is not lost in the playoffs. Most of the woes have come from conservative play calling. Not that Roman has a brain, but certainly no set. Losing home field could work to our advantage. The road playoff team typically enters that game with a "nothing to lose" attitude. Case in point would be the recent Giants/Packers Super Bowl runs. Adding Crabs and playing with a "nothing to lose" attitude on O could possibly benefit. Anyone else her old enough to remember '88? Or the Giants, Ravens and Packers recently?
[ Edited by gunslinger8 on Nov 25, 2013 at 9:03 PM ]
Talk about grasping at straws. If you need to be a road playoff team to reach your true potential, you got issues.
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