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That 2nd round pick better be Josh Gordon's equal!

I understand the reasoning for not trading for this guy a month ago. But damn if this no trade stance hasn't blown up in our face! Yes the other clubs didn't pull the trigger but we were not only mentioned as a possible top candidate to trade for him but we really, really need a kid like this. He even makes Jason Campbell look like a Pro Bowl QB.

Can't wait to see what next year's 2nd round pick brings us.
gordon gets more thread than anyone around here lock this b***h up
no one posting stuff like this can really know if niners even had the option of trading gordon...for all we know the browns never had any intention to do so and all the rumours that they did were wrong....or what of they did offer him to niners but wanted niners 1st and 2nd rd picks in the next draft---that he could have been had for a 2nd round pick is again right now not fact, just rumour

and with the state that the niners offense is in, who knows if gordon would have helped singificantly
Originally posted by crabman82:
gordon gets more thread than anyone around here lock this b***h up

This X infinity!!
Maybe the 49ers did try and trade for Gordon, maybe the Browns decided they didnt want to trade him anymore?
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you guys REALLY need to get over it.
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