Criteria – For the selection of each position's all-time Mt. Rushmore, we will be analyzing several key factors.

1. The overall impact to the respective position. Did the player dominate his era? Did this player revolutionize their position?

2. Legacy. The player's legacy will be defined as: how easy is it to recall the player's impact? Such as a certain highlight reel play, a defining moment, a signature "move" or characteristic that is unforgettable, such as Deion Sanders high-stepping into the end zone or Deacon Jones's head slap.

3. Statistics and individual accomplishments. With position, stats are a critical, often overlooked factor in determining the player's overall success. A lot of people want to talk about the player's team success, and while that is very important, we are not ranking teams.

Now, if there was one position where stats don't carry quite as much weight, it is the quarterback position. I will be factoring in the fact that the quarterback, out of all positions, affects the game more than any other position due to the fact that he touches the ball on every snap.

On the other hand, a safety clearly does not affect the outcome of a game on a consistent basis like a quarterback does, so his stats will play a larger part in the selection....