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The 9ers seriously needs to watch out !!

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Some fans are in the same denial that the 9ers coaching staff is in - "It will be fine, ...we're a play-off team."

Maybe it will take a kick in the stomach failure for the staff to wake up and address the reality that the 9ers:
1. Offense is remedial
2. Talent at WR is comical
3. And with that, our defense is tiring (mentally and physically) just like prior years

Maybe it's only by significant failure this front office and staff will make changes necessary to catch the Seahawk's younger, stronger, faster, more complete team - PED's or not. And they will realize the improving Rams and Cards are poised with the momentum to overtake 9ers.

The only consolation is that MAYBE the front office saw this coming and in reality drafted like this was a rebuilding year. They drafted a lot of top talent that would pay dividends in year 2 - but not immediately:
1. Lattimore to replace Gore
2. Tank and Dial for the DL
3. Lemonier for OLB rotation

Next year the draft priorities have to be:
1. WR (even if they have to draft multiple options)
2. CB

(PS - Why the heck did we hire Mangini - we needed an offensive passing game consultant!!!)

Yep. When people post the truth, for some reason some of the older members just don't want to listen to it like they are blinded by their fandom.

I have been wanting to say this for a long time, my pediction is the Seahawks' time has arrived and they will dominate on top for a while, may be a couple of years at the very least.

The 9ers is an aging team, one of the oldest in fact. We have many holes in multiple positions on our roster ranging from WR to RB, to DL to KR/PR to name a few. Our personnel is simply inferior. It will take a tonne of work as in changes before we can climb back up again. As to when ? That depends on whether we can make the right moves in the draft as well as free agency and how fast we can reload again. No earlier than 2015.

What the FO needs to do is to stop stockpiling picks while not fully utilizing them. Use the picks wisely to trade up for strong prospects and stop mucking around with a bunch of low rounders who will only end up on the trading block.

The 49ers are one of the most talented teams in the league. They are still Super Bowl contenders this year, and will be for the next couple of years. Things can turn around very quickly. In my opinion, it's an over-reaction to write off this team for this year (as well as next year!? WTF?)

Why? First, there is no evidence that our defense is tiring. It is a championship caliber defense. That defense will keep us in every game...we are not an easy out for any team. Second, it's not impossible to believe that our passing offense can regain its footing within the next couple of months. After all, it was only earlier this year when it looked fantastic.

I am not saying we should be #1 in the ESPN power rankings. We are not currently the favorite to win the Super Bowl (statistically, no team is). But there is no need to completely write this year off.

(If we lose to the Redskins and the Rams in the next two week, then we can start to hit the panic button and start looking to 2014 (or 2015 or whatever).

First things first... the 49ers have the 25th oldest roster in the league. That's not terrible. Compare it to the Panthers (26th), Broncos (28th), and Bears (29th). Yes, the Seahawks are 4th, so props to them, but the rest of the top 5, in descending order? Rams, Browns, Bills, & Jaguars. Youth isn't always a guarantee for greatness.

Agree with Wisconsin49erfan. The defense is fine, just beat-up. We lost Ian Williams, Chris Culliver, & Tarrell Brown. Patrick Willis was out at least one game, can't remember exactly. Ray McDonald also got dinged.

Here are the all the all-pro's we have on defense... Willis, Bowman, Aldon, Brooks, McDonald, & Justin Smith (old, but still great). Add Eric Reid to that list, as he has played at a Pro Bowl level this year (zero falloff from Goldson). Donte Whitner isn't perfect, but he's better than average. Our corners play well in the system, and Tremaine Brock has come on. But again, we have also lost two CB's to injuries. It is what it is.

On offense, yes, wide receiver is a problem. You can't go from Crabtree, Moss, Manningham, Ginn, Davs, & Walker to Boldin & Davis at the beginning of the season and not expect a dropoff. Really, the 49ers just need ONE guy to compliment Crabtree, and it will no doubt be priority #1 for the front office in the offseason.

Running back, however, is not a problem. The 49ers still run the ball extremely well, thanks to the amazing offensive line we've got (though the loss of Iupati will definitely hurt in the next month). Frank Gore still gets it done. Kendall Hunter seems to have a fumbling issue, but otherwise, he is solid (admittedly, it is hard to get a good read on Hunter when he never gets a full set of snaps). LaMichael James could be a good role player as a scat back, but the 49ers can't seem to find effective ways to use him. James could be a huge playmaker in the right offense a la Darren Sproles, but the jury is still out. And Marcus Lattimore is redshirting.

So what is left? A better #2 TE could help, but it's still kinda early to call Vance McDonald a bust. PR/KR is an issue I suppose, but many teams in the league don't have great players at this position.

So... I'm not sure personnel-wise what is worth getting upset about here besides the WR-issue. I think the team has some injuries, Kaep isn't playing as well as he used to, and Greg Roman is in a big play-calling slump. To say this team needs a complete overhaul, less than one year removed from the Super Bowl, is short sighted and a clear-cut case of knee-jerk overreaction.

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what me worry ? We're about to pop on offense.
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did someone say roman is in a slump? that is what we call his "play calling" a slump,, hahahaha
Originally posted by cciowa:
did someone say roman is in a slump? that is what we call his "play calling" a slump,, hahahaha

You and I go in circles with this. Yes, he sucks now, but the W-L record still stands.
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