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Who's the Niners' biggest gamer?

Who's the Niners' biggest gamer?

So who do you trust the most to come through when we need a big play? Last year, I would've said Crabtree, but he hasn't played this year (thus he's not on the list). I wouldn't pick any player on this horrible offense (see Gore's big drop last week). Maybe it's Andy Lee, but I can't put a punter or kicker on here, even if they are pro bowlers. So I'd pick someone on defense, and I think I'd pick Ahmad Brooks. Can't go wrong with Willis, Bowman or even Reid, but Brooks is a gamer. Big plays at big moments.
Aldon, when healthy, shows up big time in the biggest games.
Bowman, never disappointed, shows up every game!
without Gore we have 0 threats on O
Originally posted by jreff22:
without Gore we have 0 threats on O

We already have 0 threats on O!
its has and will be frank gore until he retires
Originally posted by HoRneR:
its has and will be frank gore until he retires

Wasn't Gore last year. It was Crabtree.
in their big games (namely playoffs) without a doubt it's VD.. Justin Smith right behind him.
Every game, probably Bowman and Aldon
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VD on O, Bow on D.
Vernon Davis

No love for the offensive line?

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Has to be VD, he stepped up big time during the playoffs against the Saints. He caught every ball and lost the hands of stone. But we also have many other players stepping up, like (w)Hitner, Aldon, Justin Smith, Bowman, Brooks...

Man, all this talent and no Lombardi!
To me no one player stands out as "The gamer". They all just gel in together as a team. One player feeds off the next teammate in making a play.
definitely not the QB
its frank gore for me. he has very few bad games, just great games and games where they stop using him
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