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Can it happen?

Originally posted by LVJay:
"Win our final six games and Seattle drops three more games (Saints, Giants, 49ers)? I could see the Giants and Saints taking care of their part, but do you think that we can do our part?"

We have a better chance of beating them at the Stick than Saints do in seaderrall or Giants do in NY.

I also think the chances of us beating (if need be) them in seaderrall in a potential NFCC are better than the chances of them losing a few more/us winning out just so we can win the division...

Originally posted by cciowa:
Originally posted by 24plus25er:
Originally posted by cciowa:
the beset case, most realistic and optimistic case for us, in my opinion is to beat the teams who have losing records on our schedule, at this point in time we do not match up with seattle or actually (sad to say) i have no confidence in the coaches developing a game plan to beat seattle. that would make us 10-5. that would set up a game in the desert vs the cards who will probably be a game or two over 500. you win that game, get a wild card berth. i really do think we could beat a chicago at chicago or a dallas at dallas. the way this team goes and the way these coaches go, i would not roll out the shock and awe if we lay an egg monday against a bad team thus sealing our doom and ending our playoff hopes. frankly if we can not beat the skins we do not deserve anything. seattle is not going to lose three games in my opinion. would love to be wrong but yes you crown them now and just worry about sneaking into the playoffs and stop the super bowl blather

I'm still up in the air about Seattle not sure if they are more KC or more Denver. They have five wins decided by 5 points or less, and in most of those games (houston, st. louis, tampa) the opposing teams just gave the game away. The way our defense is playing I doubt Wilson could do much against us, and with Browner out if we get Crabs back by that time, the offense being more productive might just be a given.
i will meet you half way,, if we win some games here, get on a roll,albeit vs bad teams,, and get a little moxie going... at home it could happen lotta ifs there
our third down defense and pass rush must improve in my opinion
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Giants beat a QB who was on a team for ten days and was concussed, a 3rd string QB who was underachieving college QB, a QB that was slated at backup during camp who relies on his legs but played with a sprained knee, and our former 3rd string QB that replaced our other former 3rd string QB (for the 32nd ranked passing team) and now the Giants are beating the Hawks and Lions. Good luck with that.

Realize we are the 2nd best team in the division and the 2nd to 5th best team in the conference. As long as the Rodgers and Cutler remain on the bench we have a great chance for at best 6th seed. I don't see Carolina, Saints, or Hawks tanking. Ravens 10-6 fired OC late in season Flacco extremely inconsistent play, Giants won at 9-7 allowed more points than scored last or near last in rushing offense, Packers battled through injuries with terrible defense. We just need to win the games on the schedule we should win which is all but Seattle. If we drop one its gonna be a nail biting week 17. Hopefully we are this years team that has adversity and gets hot at the right time.
Seattle is one injury and one bs call away from chaos
Originally posted by cNiner:
Anything possible , we need to pass more to do damage in the playoffs

Fucc yeah!! This team is going to be hot at the right time, while the hot ones now starts to cool down slowly!!
It can and it will happen.
This thread just makes these last 2 losses even more irritating.
Possible - Definitely!

Probable - NO!
Originally posted by 24plus25er:
Win our final six games and Seattle drops three more games (Saints, Giants, 49ers)? I could see the Giants and Saints taking care of their part, but do you think that we can do our part?

If that happens (we win out, Seahawks lose to Saints, Giants and 49ers), Seattle would still win the division, by virtue of having a better record against common opponents. I played around on the ESPN Playoff Machine and there's no way for us to win the division with the outcome listed above. I checked the playoff tiebreakers, and essentially, since we lost to Carolina and the Seahawks didn't, that's the difference that gives them the division.

Here's the link:

Now, we can still win the division if it's changed to this: We win out, Seahawks lose to Saints, 49ers and EITHER Cards or Rams. But admittedly, that's tougher

I think we should just hope we finish strong, get better effiency on offense and get Kap's confidence up.

The playoff machine is addictive, but there is a scenario where we finish 11-5 and don't get in. It's unlikely, but it means we have a very small margin of error.
In all honesty, I don't even think it's worth talking about.

The division is a longshot. At this point the playoffs aren't a certainty. I'm not sure of the tie breakers, but I'm not even sure if that scenario would win us the division.

No Seattle will beat either New York or New Orleans. They won't lose more than two games unfortunately. The NFC West is theirs this year. We f**ked up. We will need to be road warriors in the playoffs.
We won't win the division, but we will be hot come playoffs and Seattle will be cool. We are still winning the Superbowl. Beleed dat homie!
Originally posted by 49erWay:
Absolutely it can.

But our offensive coaching needs a redo.

Harbaugh, if you don't have the guts, let Rathman call the plays.

JIM needs to call the plays ....Roman can suggest plays, but Jim needs to take control of this thing and get it working , he is the HC and needs to get this sputtering passing attack fixed
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Originally posted by pwillis52beasty:
We won't win the division, but we will be hot come playoffs and Seattle will be cool. We are still winning the Superbowl. Beleed dat homie!
alot of little things have to happen before we can become "hot" in the playoffs, starting with a win monday. this talk of the super bowl is silly right now in my opinion and we had better just focus in on monday and trying to get a wildcard spot.
The division is a foregone conclusion and whether we get hot at the end and make a run is very much a possibility, but Kap is going to have to be cut loose to run and go for broke. If not, forget about it. Yes, it opens the possibility for injury, but unless he released to be the QB he was last year, we don't have a chance. They tried to make Steve Young a pocket passer and it stunted his effectiveness. That's not to say that Kap can't become an effective pocket passer, but if you want the superbowl, that is not in the cards for this season.
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