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Give your stories of when you met 49ers


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I met Bubba Paris, Steve Wallace, Michael Carter and someone else I can't remember right now. They came to my school for a GATE awards ceremony. I have the autographs some where around here.
I met Harris Barton and Bill Romanowski at a corporate dinner my grandmother took me to. Signed 8x10's.

I remember saying something to Michael Carter about his name, my dad has the same name. I was about 10.
My parents brought me to one of the training camp fan events when I was a kid. I remember just wanting to see Jerry Rice. He walked right past all the fans and nobody recognized him. Which is weird because I can pretty much name every player on the team by face today. I guess the times were different who knows.

Edit: I see most of you met these players and knew who they were immediately I don't know what my parents were doing, my dad is one of those 49er "fans" that never watch a game but brag about how good the team is doing. But, I know the crowd didn't make a big deal when he walked past.
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I met Merton Hanks and Jesse Sapolu at a celebrity basketball game in Hawaii, Got both of their autographs but my dad sold the hat they autographed :(. I also med Roger Craig at a Superbowl Party in Las Vegas along with some other NFL stars that were there. I met Bob St. Clair at a the AZ Niner Empire tailgate in 2009. IT was cool seeing him get all fired up before the game and having all of us fans at the tailgate get excited that he was there.
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