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Give your stories of when you met 49ers

Damn, so many of you guys have met Joe Montana.

I met Bryant Young at a 49ers function I got to volunteer at when I was like 12/13. I walked up to him after all of these older folks were done talking to him, and I couldn't even speak because of how gigantic and intimidating he is in real life. My mom said "This is my son Thomas," and Bryant said "Hey Thomas, nice to meet you. I'm Bryant Young. I play defense for the 49ers." then I said, "Wow nice too meet you, I know you play defense. You are awesome."

When I shook his hand, I realized how big his friggin hands were. They were bigger than my head for sure. But he was a very friendly guy, seemed like he wouldn't harm anything less than a quarterback.

After that I met a bunch of girls from the gold rush. They took a group photo with me, and I stood in the middle of them with my arms around two of them in the middle of me. At the time, it was probably the 3rd boner I've ever gotten in my life. Lol
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I used to be a restaurant manager for an upscale Mexican restaurant in Palo Alto near Stanford called Pedro's in the 80's. here are the list of 49ers I had the pleasure of meeting 49ers who frequented Pedro's. Joe Montana, Bill Walsh, Ronnie Lott, Charles Haley, plus guys who go way back like, YA Tittle, Gordy Howe, Frankie Albert, Len Rhode, just to name a few.
OK even though he went on to fame as a raider I was for 2 years Jim Plunkett's personal ball boy at the Celebrity Tennis Tournament was in the late 70s I was in 9th & 10th grade. so it was in 78 & 79
Met Bubba Paris at Walmart, but who hasn't? lol

Joe Montana asked me and my brother how we were doing at his son's high school football game when his son played against my team. I think I was star struck and didn't really say anything, just smiled. My bro said hello to him. I also saw Joe at the mall a while back.
I have never met a 49er but I did stay in a holiday inn express last night!
I remember back in 2001 the week following the loss to Chicago in the infamous play that T.O. lost the football that Garcia threw to him and Brown returned it for a touchdown, I went to Subway in the Irvington area of Fremont and I remember these two huge tall brotha's behind us. I ordered my food and we then were walking out. I looked at them and thought man that looks like T.O. So I went up to them after they ordered and I said excuse are you Terrell Owens? Well I apparently said his name wrong and he corrected me. But he was cool about it, he was with Barlow and they just got done playing hoops. T.O. lived in the Avalon homes in Fremont, a gated community by the area. So I was wearing a Limp Bizkit shirt and he asked me if I was a rapper and I was like um no. But he was cool that day to me.

Also met Bubba Paris as he was the grand Marshall in our Newark Day parade early 2000 and I shook his hand and I swear it swallowed mine up and he had his Super Bowl ring and man it was gigantic.
I met Jerry rice as I was leaving a massage parlour....I was only there for a massage. I swear!
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I remember walking around in Downtown (LA) and I saw both Bryant Young and Aaron Taylor (GBay) walking together prolly going to a meeting.. I followed them and when they got to this mall, I asked both of their autograph.. Both were kind enough to put them on my back pack.. I asked Bryant if it was true that the 49ers were (then) trying to re-sign Dana Stubblefield..

Steve Young handed me a USFL football back when he was playing for the Express!! The 40 million dollar man run for a TD and I was lucky enuff to be there when he saw me wearing a BYU hat!!!

The football still exist.. only used it then a couple of times (all on grass)
Worked in rivermark plaza for a few years after I graduated high school. Saw lots of Niners.
When I was a kid and the Raiders-Bucs Superbowl was in SD I went to the NFL Experience thing. Got Ray Brown, Dana Stubblefield autographs and saw Garrison Hearst and other retired players from afar

Met lots of players in the early 90s when I used to go to Offense/Defense football camp in the bay area as a kid. Most interaction was with the players who were coaching our specific position though. So mostly Matt Millen yelling at me. One year I decided to do TE for an offensive position instead of C. I got Brent Jones all pissed off at me for poor catching technique and he also made me take off my receiving gloves. He stated that they obviously weren't helping.

My claim to fame has always been that I've snapped to a Super Bowl MVP QB. Mark Rypien, who was also at this camp.
I saw Mike Lupati today in Japantown..
About 4yrs ago me and the fam were walking out of Monterey bay aquarium headed down cannery row when I saw this whiteboy I thought I recognized. Couldn't put a name to this dudes face but I knew I've seen this guy before. That was until this guys wife called him by his name "Alex". She was signing some save the whales/hug a tree bullsh!t. That's when it hit me... Alex 'corn dog' Smith. He walked passed me, I threw my chin up at him (like most Mexicans) he nodded and walked to the edge of the pavement and waited for his wife to finish signing whatever she was signing. I then called him for a pic. He was cool about it and I was cheesey like a mofo. We had that awkard moment when we both tried to put our arms around eachother for the pic and just laughed it off. He's a cool dude.
I would post the pic but I'm afraid some of u photo shop bros will have fun wit our faces and other things. But I might post if asked nicely.
Met Cedric Hardman at St. Mary's Hospital when I was 5.

Went to school with Brent Jones at Santa Clara.
Met Ronnie Lott at Houlihan's in Santa Clara at happy hour when I was in college back in the mid 80's.

Met Jerry Rice and Bryant Young at the old Century Movie theaters in Redwood City. Later on ran into Eric Wright and Keena Turner at the old Hillsdale Theaters.

Met Steve Young and Harris Barton on the Stanford campus.

Ran into Joe Cool in the lobby of the Four Seasons Seattle two years ago.
Mario Manningham is a pretty scrappy person off the field.
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