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Revised thoughts on the rest of the year?

once crabs gets back we'll get hot at the right moment and then nobody can beat us
Originally posted by sdniner:
We'll get the #6 seed and we can make some noise in the playoffs. All of our losses have been close (even if the score said otherwise). We have a defense that can carry us, all we need is Kap to hot down the stretch...

This is a very good point.

We haven't had any Minnesota/Rams 2012/Giants games so far this year where we looked like complete crap. You might say Indy, but not until the very end.

Even Seattle was a game that we were in for awhile until our D could no longer support the O.

So in this regard we are better than last year and maybe even 2011.

However we are all still waiting for that W against a good tough team, which we had a few of last year.

I made this prediction in preseason but I think I'm right:

The defense is actually better this year than last, esp. when you look at PPG. Nobody in the NFL has played defense in the superdome against the Saints like us the last two seasons.

The eye test doesn't show it as much, but the D is getting it done. I get the sense we'll be a hybrid 2011/2012 team come playoff time....
SF finishes 11-5 and loses in the first round to Detroit in a game that we narrowly lead through three quarters but fail to gain a single first down in the 4th quarter. Our defense, despite holding Calvin Johnson to a respectable 75 yards receiving through the first 50 minutes of the game gives up a big passing play, putting Detroit in field goal range at the end of the game. Say, 42 yarder by Akers, and Detroit sneaks out a victory.
All bets are off once the playoffs begin. Last year the Ravens offensive line wasn't in place till the end of the regular season. By the way, they lost 4 of their last 5 coming in. The 2011 Giants limped home also, and won 3 in row (NFC Championship game still hurts) on the road. The key for the 49ers is can Kaep put it together, he has time and the team is getting healthier. The D is lights out and getting better. I like the physical look of CB Wright.
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Originally posted by NeonNiner:
Originally posted by Pinchi:
Nothing's changed for me. I'll paraphrase what I said here during the summer:

The division has gotten better, we've gotten worse.
We'll be lucky to get into the playoffs, much less win the division.
Seattle is the better team.
Russell Wilson is a better QB than Kap
Kap is not the QB everyone thinks he is, once defenses figure him out he'll fizzle.
Running QB's don't win superbowls.
The betrayal of Alex Smith by Harbaugh, and him lying to the team, would bring bad karma to our team.

Nothing's changed for me, and everything, unfortunately, is coming to pass.

Originally posted by kam_niners1:
cocaine is a hell of a drug!!

Wow, even the troll (kam) seems to agree... keeping hope alive. Right on, troll, right on
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