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repurcussions from the niners 6-4 start

Sick and tired of drafting jitterbug receivers. We need to draft big fast dudes and develop them. He was properly and thoroughly developed when he started. The plays he did receive his first year were plays ran to his strengths. What he did have on draft day was size, power, and speed. That's easy to get in the 2nd and 3rd rounds. We keep wasting picks on undersized receivers.
Do you hear that flushing toilet sound?

That's Roman's value going where it belongs.
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Originally posted by FredFlintstone:
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Andre Johnson is on line one...

Don't tease me.

that is the first thing i thought of when i heard he had his little fit sunday,

Same here, obviously he's not happy there. Could've easily said I want to stay in Houston. But I doubt we can fit his contract
well we certainly will not be giving a big deal to ck or aldon? and with lups injury maybe he is expendable? i know how the niners do their value of a player stuff but this may be one of those rare times when i actually break out of my box and say BACK UP THE TRUCK AND PAY THE MAN!
Obviously how Crabs plays when he gets back will have lots to do w/the future contract.

It will be interesting to see how this shakes out in FA & draft.
They better not let Crabtree walk. That's my biggest takeaway from the year.

Never draft another another receiver who's under both 6'0 and 210 pounds
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For whatever reason I hardly ever agree with Brian. Here tho, Bro, I agree with you fully. Actually, now that you mention it I would love to hear the 9ers just fired roman, and the WR coaches. Leave it to hardhead JImbo, to keep guys well past their usefulness.

As for that big contract for kap....ha!. Good luck on that bubba. As for Boldin, I don't think he wants to come back here. He is so pizzed at kap for not seeing him time after time after time when he has been way open, that I think he is sick of it. My guess he has no desire to stay, and I love the guy...twice as much as Crabs. But I don't think he will stay, in that he cannot handle anymore of kap's futility. And that really sucks.

As for kap's contract...the numbers of $12 mil per and $20 mil per were bandied about. If we offer him more than 6 or 7 mil, something is bad wrong. I hope he will do better, but his value to this team is really pushing it at $6 mil per. Iupati, I am in agreement with cc. Pay him. He HAS been hurt.
Boldin I'd pay in a heartbeat, but as noted, I don't think he will put up with kap anymore....and I don't blame him.
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