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Harbaugh needs to clean house after this season

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Originally posted by glorydayz:
Just my sarcastic way of reminding everyone that before this group of coaches came to our team, we were a mess! These are the same guys that got us to 2 NFCCG's and a SB, before they got here we hadn't even sniffed the playoff's.

Finding coaches has been harder than finding players, look at 2003-2010.
and just like what happens alot,, in my opinion some of them have over stayed their welcome. roman, for example, has multiple examples of why he should go, what he or they did last year or the year before means nothing in regards to asst coaches in my opinion. of course Jh gets a longer leash but he is also an enabler of roman and should share a huge part of the blame in our inept offense, poor coaching, bad challenges, play clock issues, etc
and we might miss the playoffs because of these coaches
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