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Harbaugh needs to clean house after this season

Our D is playing out of their minds if you consider how s**tty the offense has been, and barely giving them any support. They basically held the Saints to 13 points if you take off that last fluke 3 points and the touchdown from the 82 yard kickoff return. The D clutched a win last night and we got robbed, they damn near got the ball back for us vs. Carolina at the end on the missed fumble.
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7th ranked defense says no.

This. I think some zoners are spoiled by 2011. That was a historically great defense.

We're still a top-10, the issue resides in the offense.

#7 D with our 19.5 sack master missing most of the season so far.
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#7 D with our 19.5 sack master missing most of the season so far.

Let me ask you something Marvin49,

When you look at how the Saints defense (#3), does the credit go to the talented players, or the talented coaching?

Now finally, when you look at OUR defense(#7), does the credit go to the talented players, or the talented coaching?

Now, I'm not saying Fangio sucks. What I'm saying is with the amount of potential we have (especially in our front seven), where the heck is our sacks. Where is the pressure. How do we let Brees complete 70% of his throws, and sacked him only ONCE. Where is our depth, our rotation? Those things are hard to ignore.

You guys are saying im blaming the defense for our losses. Hell no, where did I even mention that? I'm saying as terrible as our offense is, our defense still has flaws as well. Flaws that have been the SAME flaws for the past 2 years. What did we complain about last year? DEPTH. We have these young dynamic players, and NEVER use them. We saw alot of potential in Lemonier when Aldon was gone. Now where is he?

I understand the defense is the pride and sweat of our team. As soon as someone mentions ONE little glaring issue with it, people FREAK out, putting words in my mouth. What a fan base huh?
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This place never disappoints after a tough loss


Revenge of The Romper Room.
whoever came up with that name should have been banned
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little worried about our pass rush and how aldon is not playing well but i think overall the d is fine. i think it will be interesting to see who the d backs are along with reid next year. no our problems lie with the offense starting with roman
I think you should clean your house first before demanding Harbs to clean his. If anything, Roman is the only one that needs to go, maybe Morton too, but not the whole coaching staff.
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Roman is gone after this season. Rathman is next in line. Book it.

why wait?

axe him today
take notes from Big Brother John and lets have a cinderella run like B'more did when they axed their lackluster OC last year!
It's uneducated, hyperemotional posts like these that make me sad fans like this exist. I truly feel dumber after reading this. But please continue to haphazardly toss around logical fallacies and ungrounded assumptions to dignify your flawed argument if that makes you feel better.
I've been asleep since the day we hired Mike Singletary, just woke up today.

I see nothing's changed!
I agree the D hasn't been perfect, but considering they are only off the field long enough for the 49ers offense to get a three and out, I'd say what they have done is pretty impressive. No need for Fangio to go. Keep in mind how banged up this defense has been and had the offense been able to be halfway decent, this team is 9-2 easily and possibly 10-1. With that record, I doubt this thread would've been started.

Now the offense is another story. I don't know if Harbaugh will pull the trigger on Greg Roman, but I could see Trent Baalke wanting Harbaugh to do so. I only hope that some college team scoops him up because I don't think he will get any NFL offers after this pitiful performance. It's amazing. When we were bottom of the barrel, we couldn't keep an offensive coordinator ( see Mike McCarthy and Norv Turner). Now that we are one of the top teams in the NFL, it seems like we can't give Greg Roman away. I hope we part ways with Morton as well. But outside of those two, we have one of the best coaching staffs in the NFL.

BTW, I believe the original poster mentioned are we where we are because of talent or scheme and stated the the Saints defense was ranked number three. If this defense had the Saints offense, we'd be ranked number 1 and it wouldn't even be close. You also have to remember we have had games with Tony Jerod-Eddie as our nose tackle, gone without Patrick Willis for a couple games, Aldon Smith the majority of the season, etc.

I say get rid of all the offensive staff. Hire formal 49er players to coach like Jerry Rice. Get a real OC that is creative and knows WCO.

Only one that should stay is our RB coach since he was a 49er.
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Jimmy Raye Jr. has been in full retard mode all f**king year with his play calling/game planning and your looking at Fangio?! Seriously? Defense isn't perfect but they're pretty damn good and consistently getting production from our players. This defense is the only unit keeping us in the game! Our defensive coordinator and coaches shouldn't even be questioned! Leave them out of this!

On offense however, Baalke needs to do a full, complete, thorough evaluation on the offensive coaching staff at the end of the year. We look like legit one of the worst, most dysfunctional offenses in the league and that's no exaggeration, it's what I'm seeing on the field. With all this talent and seeing other offenses getting more with less, this tells me that coaching and play calling is a huge issue that MUST be addressed if we want to move forward. Roman, Morton, and Chryst all need to kick rocks. Done with each and every one of them. Harbaugh needs to set his blind loyalties aside and do what's best for the team as the HEAD COACH. I hope he takes a page from his older brother's book and gets a f**king clue and quick. Roman will drive this team through mud the longer he stays here.
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I remember watching games in the Nolan-Singletary era down by 4 touchdowns in the third quarter. I kept watching. If the team made a few first downs it was a victory. Now when we have a team that contends, many of us fans are thankful.
still calling kaep a one-read qb

Its amazing how much dumb s**t gets thought of and then actually written on this board.
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