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Just watched my last NFL game

I fell in love with this game and the 49ers watching Ronnie Lott. After watching the league rob this team of a win for a good hit on the midget, I am finally done. Has boxing changed? UFC? No. Their entire goal is to concuss. As long as ratings keep going up for turning this sport into badminton, the game will change into something no longer recognizable. Put a skirt on the QB, pillows on players heads and, for god's sake, DON'T HURT ANYONE!!!
you will still watch, lol
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See ya next week
"Well Bye"
Goodell is laughing on his way to the bank.
u should try Futbol.
u should try Futbol.
Don't give up man, there is still hope...the refs can't steal every game from us.
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lol smh
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Originally posted by susweel:
you will still watch, lol

Most everyone will. That is why they can continue morphing this game to tickle football. Anytime the QB gets bit there is a flag. I'll hold on to memories. Everyone else can support this game. Most on this board never saw real football anyway, so they have no problems with what has happened. Do concussions force boxing or UFC to change? If ratings went down, this wouldn't happen. But as long as people eat what is put in front of them, terd sandwiches will continue to dominate the menu.
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