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im done

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Well...I'm sorta done, emotionally, with this season. Our offense has reverted back to the Hostler/Dilfer era. If they could just play like an average NFL offense we'd be 8-2 right now. Now we're competing for the last wildcard spot,and we cannot compete in the playoffs with this offense.

The 49ers really need to find a way to turn this around. We've gone from being so close to a super bowl victory to having a garbage offense.

I know that call was BS...but ultimately, it doesn't matter. Our offense would have gone 3 and out and the Saints would have marched down the field.
If that's an illegal hit, I must be watching the wrong sport.
Agreed. Worst call of the season. Total bulls*t.
Originally posted by jrg:

s**t wasn't even helmet to helmet. unreal...


eat my ass goodell
The fox guys were pissed wondering where the hell do you hit a qb? Can't pgo high, can't go low, can touch their heads and neck.

I guess brooks' should of kicked em in the nuts.
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Yeah that's right. Our O is league worst. We need real changes. At OC, HC, or QB. We need significant change. Honestly, I hated our O even when things were going our way. Now I know why. BTW, this is a quote reply from Post 16 above.
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No doubt the hit on Brees was good and the NFL is losing credibility and their balls, but this game should not have even come down to one blown call. I could pop out a tird that could call better offensive plays than Greg Roman. He f'd us in the Super Bowl and has clearly shown a complete inability to make proper adjustments given Kaps growing propensity for getting sacked. You gotta have money plays and you gotta get rid of the ball quicker, or at least know when to throw it away. I'm not only tired of the NFL patty cake rules, I'm getting pretty tired watching the 9ers flail when they have so much talent at their disposal.
Yep same feeling ..Done.

My biggest issue is that Brooks purposely avoided Brees' helmet! Just 3-4 years ago, any linebacker would have clobbered Brees in the head. They started throwing flags to discourage that behavior... AND IT WORKED! And Brooks still gets the call for doing the right thing!

If the NFL is going to throw flags regardless of how a QB gets hit, then why shouldn't linebackers go straight for the head?
the nfl has such a good grip on the outcome of games. may sound bitter but seriously...if you find some football neutral fans they would agree with us
What a load of s**t.
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Originally posted by Chico:
but Troy said it was a good call. when Jim goes back and reviews the film, he will realize it was a good call.

Screw that it WAS a horrible call. Hitting across the shoulders isn't allowed WTF is the NFL coming to.
I agree that was a really bad call, but the offense just is horrible, and Kaep is really just pissing me off with his changing plays at the line with 2 seconds to go and then having to take timeouts all the time. I don't want to hear about how he doesnt have receivers to throw too. THats a bunch of BS.....Its turning out to look like the niners staff have egg on their face with trading Alex Smith. I really hope the Chiefs win it all.
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