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What's Mangini's Role in this Offensive Mess?

  • bret
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Please enlighten me on this. I haven't heard him mentioned on any of the radio talk, nor seen anyone discuss him here. What are folks' thoughts on him?
i dont know about anyone else, but i believe he was brought on to be an offensive consultant, and personally Im dissappointed because it seems the consultation isnt helping against the defenses our offense needs help against.
Nothing another paid or should I say over paid consultant
From what I understand, he was supposed to consult the offense on how defenses would scheme to stop the read-option. Doesn't look like he has any answers.
he snitched on bellicheck and he's snitching on us!!!!!!!

that rat is giving the opposing team our game plans!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • LVJay
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To intimidate/manipulate Roman and give us bad luck... he's doing so-so with the bad luck part. HOWEVER, he's doing a damn fine job with the other part!!

senior consultant?
I was thinking the same thing. Isn't he supposed to be "helping" the offense....
  • Rascal
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He is a complete waste of space.
Whatever he's doing, it sure isn't helping that's for damn sure.

His loser stench has infected this team. Ditch him.
hes just down in the vault studying the master, waiting for his next HC opportunrity
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  • jimrat
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Great hire Baalke
Originally posted by NeonNiner:
Whatever he's doing, it sure isn't helping that's for damn sure.

My thoughts exactly.
Maybe it's his apprenticeship for Stanford.
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