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How many WR we have active for this Game ?

Time to line up Daniel Kilgore wide again!
Originally posted by Wisconsin49erfan:
Time to line up Daniel Kilgore wide again!

i lol'd
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who gives a crap which wr is active? the important question is who will take the ball away from brees. we need two picks to win this game.
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Originally posted by jrouter4949:
It REALLY dosen't matter since Harbaugh and Greg"Mike Nolan"Roman will not throw or design ANY freaking pass-plays toany receiver not NAMED Davis,Boldin......geeesh WHere the Hell is the WC Offense? this season is toast No superbowl this YEAR sorry didn't mean to thread jack,been a niner fan for better then30 yrs and I know football,Harbaugh and Roman has that NolSing stubberness smell to them...WE need a new OC whose will get ALL the receivers INVOLED...Frustrated to see this talented team talent be wasted this year JUST because Romlan refuse to incorporate ALL the Receivers and Adjust to the defenses and NOT coaching Kaep in going through HIS reads like a GOOD QB does.

Originally posted by jcashen87:
Why is Manningham questionable? Did he get a little dinged up his first game back?? That would suck because he at least looked like he could catch a slant and a couple other balls, D's have to respect the speed he has put on tape in the past so hopefully he wont be being asaulted with press man like KW and Patton were.

Apparently he hurt his knee again in the game, but no one is saying if it's the same on or the other one. Dude can't stay healthy. Worst luck ever with WR these last years, the worst.
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