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Originally posted by midrdan:
I think the major dysfunction is not the original game plan. Roman's initial game plan is right more often that it's wrong. But when it's wrong, the only adjustment he makes is to abandon the run. It is maddening.

Totally agree. It's understood that the original gameplan coming into a game will be wrong on some weeks, but how do you react when it is not working? Adjustments must be made, not at the half, but by the next drive. CAR was playing zone all game - Cover3, Cover 4. They were keeping everything in front of them, forcing Kap to look short as they watched his eyes. He did this in the first half with several completions on comeback routes (someone mentioned he was 7 for 11 in the 1st half, not bad). This should have been expanded to include more short completions to the RBs. Considering the zone coverage CAR was playing, with the quick pressure being applied on Kap, and VD being out, and the gameplan should have adjusted to a quick pass, short passing game. And of course, don't abandon the run. Gore did well on a few draw plays. That could have been used more to slow down the pass rush.
Originally posted by SportsFan:
Originally posted by Empire49:
Good article. Whether you like the source or not, the content cannot be denied.

I've seen many plays where Kap just flat out missed an open receiver (be it with an errant pass or just not seeing the guy running free). He needs to work on capitalizing on those opportunities. However, he gets no help from Roman or his receivers. It's sad, really.

Did you read the article? The article didn't touch on this point at all. It was all about the 49ers from an offensive game plan point of view.

I agreed with the article. I also pointed out the fact that Kap hasn't capitalized on some opportunities. What's the problem?
What's the problem? Dude is extremely raw at this point=we mostly likely f---ed this year unless D-lines back off because they start feeling sorry for the guy or Jesus comes down and does that stare thing into his eyes and grants him the ability to actually stand there and see the field and have any feeling at all of what the D is doing pre-snap and make decisions i.e. Andrew Luck, correctly
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