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Will we make playoffs?

Will we make playoffs?

4,000 injuries later the 49ers are 6-4.

This team will go as far as the offense takes them. The defense is playing winning ball and they'd be even better if they weren't on the field all the effing time. We all knew the offense might struggle a bit without Manningham and Crabtree, but what we're seeing is inexcusable. I don't know if it's Kaep, Roman or one of countless other variables, but they have enough talent to produce much better than this. Harbaugh needs to fix this crap now . . . or we definitely won't make the playoffs.
Originally posted by xtm059:
4,000 injuries later the 49ers are 6-4.

other teams getting hurt too. seattle has played a good portion of the year without 3 o-lineman, 2 of the pro bowlers and they're 10-1. green bay won the super bowl with a laundry list of injuries, gotta play through it.
Originally posted by sfout:
the refs? Are you blaming the freak play from Osgood on the refs?

It was a complete tactical move and/or freak coincidence that at the exact moment Sproles called for a FC, Osgood was looking up tracking the ball. Sproles DID flinch when he caught the ball so I believe he baited Osgood into it. Refs made the right call. You could see it on one of the replay angles.

The Brooks roughing penalty was so ticky-tack that I can't decide if I'm made about it or if it was right because with another QB besides Brees and Wilson that is a textbook chest tackle and we win. But again Brees is just about 6'0" so when a 6'3" player hits you at his chest height it'll look like a high hit. Situationally the refs made the right call even though Brees' helmet moving was not a result of Brooks' arm but of his shoulder pad which would be legal.

Luck didn't go our way and bad situational play calling killed us again.

If Brees was 6'3" then Brooks might not have made that interception too...
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